Boardroom Memo | Old Spice

  • Published on:  8/13/2018
  • Welcome, new employees, to the monthly Old Spice Boardroom meeting. On Wednesday, we’ll be discussing our company's biggest problems, and we expect you, the consumers, to have the correct solutions via internet commenting and voting live in real time. We ask that you maintain a professional attitude during this time, as it’s absolutely crucial to our international corporate success. We trust that there will be no “jokes”, “fooling around”, “lollygagging” or “horseplay”. This is a place of business. Comment, vote, email, call, and fax your thoughts in real time and we’ll incorporate them into our boardroom meeting live right before your very eyes. Like magic! But it’s not magic, it’s just business. RSVP and subscribe: Drive: OldSpiceBoardroom@gmail.comSubscribe to our YouTube: