Jedi Ranks Finally Fully Explained

  • Published on:  9/29/2019
  • Everyone knows what a Jedi is — but who's in charge of the Jedi Order? And what happens to trainees who don't pass their tests? If you're wondering about the hierarchy of the galaxy's guardians of justice and peace, here's your guide.

    The lowest rank in the Jedi hierarchy are Jedi Younglings, also known as initiates.

    According to the book Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force, younglings are children sensitive to the Force who were gathered from across the galaxy as infants to be trained as future Jedi.

    The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force explains that at one time, young adults and adolescents were recruited as Jedi Younglings, but the Order found that these older recruits were already exposed to negative emotions that could push them to the dark side. As a result, the Jedi began recruiting children who were younger, and more innocent.

    Younglings don't train with mentors one-on-one. Instead, they're separated into small groups called clans, and train together within those clans.

    Once younglings learn their basics, they must take a series of tests known as the Initiate Trials, which have included such tasks as building a lightsaber. Though the Initiate Trials have changed over time, their ultimate goal is to determine students' knowledge of the Jedi Code and ability to conquer the Dark Side.

    Watch the video to see the Jedi ranks finally fully explained!

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    Youngling | 0:12
    Padawan | 1:09
    Jedi Service Corps | 1:44
    Jedi Knight | 2:25
    Jedi Consular | 2:58
    Jedi Guardian | 4:03
    Jedi Sentinel | 4:51
    Jedi Master | 5:33
    Jedi Council Member | 6:08
    Master of the Order | 7:00
    Grand Master | 7:31