8 Ice Gadgets That will Blow your Mind

  • Published on:  2/9/2019
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  • Lawrence Black
    Lawrence Black 5 months ago+1229

    Here I am at 4am watching some guy play with ice cube trays

  • Soldier X
    Soldier X 5 months ago+1333

    Unclear ice, first world problems.

  • Sebbel
    Sebbel 4 months ago+586

    I like how he says "GAJICKS"

  • SuperSaberRex
    SuperSaberRex 2 months ago+134

    "look how clear that is."
    Me in 144p:what?

  • Zappa Woman
    Zappa Woman 3 months ago+243

    You can tell he's Russian, holds ice in his hands like it's nothing.

  • Football714
    Football714 5 months ago+283

    5:45 oops ohh I filled it
    Pushes Icecube in

  • Jack Chafer loves horses
    Jack Chafer loves horses 3 months ago+159

    They should make a gadjek that says BOOM lol

  • Øï yëêt yęėt
    Øï yëêt yęėt 5 months ago+227

    He’s so marveled by ice that is clear

  • RepensTheTurtle
    RepensTheTurtle 6 months ago+3020

    Do you have a separate storage unit for all these gajicks?

  • Dulce Ortiz
    Dulce Ortiz 3 months ago+41

    Am I the only one that gets anxiety on how he opens packages and uses gadgets?!🤪

    NO BODY 2 months ago+36

    Getting deepthroated by a 4inch ice rod....

  • Damien Greetham
    Damien Greetham 1 months ago+25

    Dear crazy Russian
    I've been a restaurant manager for over 8 years and the clear ice is still relatively new.
    However if you boil the water before placing into the ice mold it will be alot clearer.
    Hope that helps!!

  • Xd Tostey
    Xd Tostey 5 months ago+112

    I knew Russians were crazy, but I didn’t think they wanted their ice to look pretty!

  • Isabel Lodhi
    Isabel Lodhi 5 months ago+176

    Lol why do u need safety glasses when you freeze water.....?

    TTVCHILLIE - CHILL 5 months ago+52

    I remember when u had 250k suscribers now look at u 11m

  • Bannaman Man
    Bannaman Man 5 months ago+20

    that moment when u b trying to stay hydrated during a workout then, a long boi piece of ice goes through ur neck.

  • Charizard 2cool
    Charizard 2cool yesterday

    Just to be clear... Is he adding water into the ice makers or is that vodka?
    And is that water or vodka put into those cups?

  • Its Adrian
    Its Adrian 6 months ago+1856

    He makes a mess in every video 😂😂😂

  • Katakalysmic
    Katakalysmic 3 months ago+26

    am i the only one who thought that was vodka he was pouring in at first?

  • Diogo Miguel
    Diogo Miguel 4 months ago+7

    0:23 is that a bow just hanging on the ceiling of your kitchen? LOOOL