Insane Bowl of Tortellini (Upcoming Live Stream)

  • Published on:  10/14/2016
  • Join the Live Stream!! Mon. 10/17 5pm (pst)Download the Live.Me App -- Video? Like/Fav & Share!!Just a ton of Tortillini... ENJOY!!!Facebook - - @mattstonieInstagram - Tee's - PO BOX!! Send me stuff!!!P.O. Box 22210San Jose, CA 95151Video Sponsored by, Live.Me


  • Jessica Harris
    Jessica Harris 2 years ago+2703

    Honestly I don't even care about the speed. I watch cause I'm amazed at how much he can eat in one sitting.

  • No Scope
    No Scope a years ago+722

    Someone needs to make a remix on Morgan's laugh xD

  • MogMan
    MogMan 2 months ago+325

    Not a single soul:

  • Everyone is special and cool Special and cool

    My granny said she wants to see how many lasagna u can eat

  • inkie
    inkie a years ago+244

    "Squidward Tortellini"!?

  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  2 years ago+2321

    That Laugh..
    (in C Major)

  • Sophia Kim
    Sophia Kim a years ago+826

    AHA the Morgan's laugh :3

  • Roel Diaz
    Roel Diaz 2 days ago+1

    Damn, Matt was already talking about Mukbangs before it became popular

  • T_StreakMLP
    T_StreakMLP a years ago+617

    OK, I'm now CRAVING Tortellini! WITH THE SAUCE AND CHEESE!!! attempts to screen dive

  • John
    John a years ago+188

    man vs food couldn't touch you dude

  • Althewahyu
    Althewahyu 2 years ago+2413

    morgan laughs sound like eraser lol xD

  • Marco Gatto
    Marco Gatto a years ago+233

    Hey Matt; Tomato sauce shouldn't be served way :D
    greetings from Italy!!

  • Do I wanna die?
    Do I wanna die? a years ago+50

    the cameraman"s laugh in reversed has me dead XD

  • Soumya Adhikary
    Soumya Adhikary 17 hours ago

    Matt Stonie: I have to go to toilet!
    Matt's toilet : Ah!! Not again . Now I really want to leave his house!

  • Greyson Evans
    Greyson Evans a years ago+167

    For all those non-musicians Morgan has that laugh of harmonic minor scale

  • Danica Mae Escalona
    Danica Mae Escalona 9 months ago+92

    7:13 topless morgan. 😂😂 😏😏
    Welcome. 😂

  • B
    B a years ago+34

    Why not put an even amount of pasta in each bowl?

  • Hidayah K
    Hidayah K 11 months ago+72


  • WSD333
    WSD333 3 days ago+2

    Instead of guessing what the weight is of what you ate... why not just weigh yourself before and after?

  • Belial The Ghost Writer
    Belial The Ghost Writer 2 years ago+1088

    Dude I bet when he poops its feels like Godzilla just fisted him.