India Stunned By Boult & Henry | India vs New Zealand - Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019



  • W M S 12 days ago

    India was like whom I'm gonna face in Finals England or Australia. New zealand : Am I Afghanistan to you ?

  • Alyan Memon 14 hours ago

    @Vinay Gupta yeah ✌ peace, I hope peace stays between our countries.

  • Sidheshwar Gutte an hour ago

    Indian captain virat kholi record in big tournament Ind vs aus 2015 semifinal =1 runInd vs pak 2017 champions trophy final =1 run Ind vs nz 2019 semifinal = 1 run

  • get deleted an hour ago


  • Anshuman Panwar 10 days ago

    Kohli's consistency is unbeatable !!! He has scored 1 run consistently in the semi finals of consecutive world cups (2015 and 2019)

  • Bullet Proof 9 days ago

    Overconfident indians brought 40% of the WC final tickets 😂😅😅

  • Mahin Sikder 2 days ago

    I think all dislikes from the Indians ..

  • Junaid’s YouTube 2 days ago

    Dont think, its true plus BCCI will ban this video soon, mark my words !!!

  • ANONYMOUS 12 days ago

    Indians thinking whether they will face Australia or England in the final,New Zealand : Am I a joke to you?

  • JOEL TECH 5 days ago

    I bet who ever sees this comment is after england won the world cup

  • Sonu Sonu 16 hours ago

    @Ankur Sharma 😁😀 hi😂😁

  • Ankur Sharma 19 hours ago

    @Sonu Sonu 😉

  • Sanjay Kumar 10 days ago

    Kohli's over confidence and excitements are costing for INDIA in ICC tournament. He underestimated Pakistan in 2017 and now New Zealand.

  • Rehan khan an hour ago

    Nothing like that. Both times your middle order was exposed and your middle order is shitt

  • Baz Brown an hour ago

    India shouldn't be overconfident becoz they lost to the blackcaps in a warm up game just b4 the world cup started.

  • Imran TV 3 days ago

    I think India performance was excellent. They made it to the semi-finals with their full energy and hard work. Being a Pakistani, I have alot of respect for India. Congratulations to New Zealand for your win.

  • Deadeyed Devil 10 days ago

    Congratulations New Zealand. Great play today

  • Yash Jain 3 days ago

    @Jack o' Plumkin what stupid this is the rule and equal for all if newzeland hit more boundaries he was win.

  • Jack o' Plumkin 4 days ago

    @Rosida Andriyana Karma my ass. They lost by stupid rules and you call that karma.