Welcome to Facebook! [HD Reupload]

  • Published on:  8/8/2014
  • MUSIC USEDTomfoolery - David SnellCrêpe Suzette - Cyril WattersDawn of the Second Day - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's MaskHihihi! Saturn Valley - EarthboundHow Could This Happen to Me - Simple PlanMy Heart Will Go On - Whitney HoustonNimbassa CORE - pLasterbrainHey guys!Don't worry, I only took like a day to make this video, it didn't bite into much of my Welcome to Fanfiction.Net and Cucumber Quest Dub work schedule.So what's this? Well, I've always been kind of disappointed with Welcome to Facebook. It and Welcome to Twitter are the Black Sheep of the Welcome To family, as they don't really follow the standard format to varying degries of success. Facebook's always had the issue of having REALLY terrible sound quality and low resolution, so I figured I should finally get around to fixing it.This raises the question, will I be remaking any other Welcome To's? No, this is the only one. Welcome to DeviantArt is the only other one that isn't exactly up to par visually, but I think it's amusing and short enough to hold its own.


  • JadeEyes1 2 years ago

    Anyone who unironically quotes "if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best" deserves to be bitchslapped so hard their unborn children feel it.

  • Gratis Beu 6 days ago

    Wait, aren’t unborn children sperm and or unfertilised eggs?Does that mean you bitchslap people balls and wombs when they say that philosophy?

  • vsgfilmgroup 1 months ago

    Why--why would you do that to My LIttle Princess??

  • Duuqnd 3 years ago

    Wait! If Duckface is 13, how did she meet that guy when drunk? Who gave her booze?

  • all those smol things 23 hours ago

    You've never been the UK I'm assuming!

  • Dragon Ritterstein 5 days ago

    Nayan D'Souza She is in Germany.

  • Shmagala 3 years ago

    This is too accurate for the idiot teenagers seeking for attention so they can be popular.

  • Chestnut Puck 1 months ago

    said the idiot teenager seeking for attention

  • Spare Bl00D 1 months ago

    @Gian Abella My god.. It's too accurate.

  • The Peteriarchy 2 years ago

    I love how a lot of this is still relevant.

  • Aaron Callahan 10 months ago

    The Peteriarchy it seems to stay that way on Facebook. Mine is practically barren

  • Skye 3 years ago

    the worst thing is that even though this is 2012, it's still true in some cases.....

  • Skye Clyde 7 months ago

    Dude...We have the same name... so cool

  • Mars Pikapy 8 months ago

    Rambling Mushroom It was posted on 2012

  • Joel Farrelly 3 years ago

    All the real 90s kids pretend that they were 80s kids. That's how you can spot them.

  • Watermelon Boi 1 months ago

    @Cloudy Aeonian OH HELL YEAHHH

  • ElysetheEevee 4 months ago

    @Chrisindapurplehouse I was also born in '89 and you are correct in saying this makes you a 90's kid.It irks me when people say they were born at the very tail-end of a decade, but they are somehow a(n) "80's/90's (etc.) Kid". I guess from a technical standpoint, true, but the implication given is that you recall cultural references from those decades, which you would most definitely not. Just a-throwin' that out there.

  • Wooden Goods 2 years ago

    "Rice isn't a color." Clearly you've never been shopping for interior paint. EVERYTHING is a shade of white. I didn't even realize that it was scientifically possible for there to be multiple shades of white until I looked at a paint sample book.

  • Alem Čelik 4 months ago

    @Hubert Farnsworth you mean 5p shades of gray

  • Alem Čelik 4 months ago

    @MeannCat snow is no way pure white. Snow gets dirty and mixes with ice

  • Plasma 3 years ago

    I feel bad for the WTF Guy.Went from regular ol' snarky tutorial to being shunned, to being disgusted by Duckfayce's actions.10/10 best writing

  • SanicDaHergedog 3 years ago

    Can't we just have a social media without people like this?

  • Tim Carney 24 days ago


  • Slick Slack 1 months ago

    we do, it's called *REDDIT*

  • Pirans 2 years ago

    duckface is almost 18

  • Alan Monteros 1 years ago

    So this means she is almost legal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?

  • round memes 2 years ago

    me and duck face have the same birthday. i guess i am duckface.