73 Questions With Bella Hadid | Vogue



  • o
    o 4 months ago+6104

    i can honestly say i have never heard her voice before watching this video

  • Love love
    Love love 6 months ago+2932

    Her outfit was gorgeous but her hair is even more gorgeous

  • Krabby Kat
    Krabby Kat 4 months ago+2512

    Wow it's the first time I've seen this woman, she's gorgeous! She's got the 90s supermodel charisma!

  • Isabella Ruiz
    Isabella Ruiz 4 months ago+2799

    She looks beautiful! And seems like a nice & down to earth person!

  • S.A. Arshad
    S.A. Arshad 4 months ago+2968

    best habit: "I guess being KIND"
    worst habit: "I guess being KIND"...
    it is soooooooo TRUEEE

  • Christa J
    Christa J 6 months ago+1432

    wears a gucci belt width riding pants
    i want to be that rich lol

  • Fraier Catherine
    Fraier Catherine 2 months ago+882

    73 hair flips with Bella Hadid
    Edit : thank you for all of the likes💗

  • Samdra Eend
    Samdra Eend 4 months ago+970

    73 questions with Rihanna please and thankyou

  • fairytop1
    fairytop1 4 months ago+1167

    No dramatics.....really natural....so calm.........breath of fresh air ...

  • NeverWithoutNalani
    NeverWithoutNalani 4 days ago+24

    1. Gucci belt
    2. White breeches
    3. No helmet
    Equestrians everywhere are dying inside

  • Aurora sss
    Aurora sss 4 months ago+649

    She’s stunning! She’s even more beautiful than photos, very witty🖤

  • MK MK
    MK MK 4 months ago+602

    I just realised that I never knew what Bella sounded like. She is drop dead gorgeous regardless of the surgery rumours or not. She looks like a high fashion supermodel. Gigi on the other hand not so much, I guess being a Tommy girl is still cute in 2019. But my eyes are for Bella only, WOW

  • Vijay Chaturvedi
    Vijay Chaturvedi 8 months ago+10678

    Since no one is commenting about it I would like to suggest 73 QUESTIONS WITH LANA DEL REY!!

  • k m
    k m 4 months ago+492

    About 27 hair flips (with hands)

  • Pichy
    Pichy 4 months ago+456

    why is she acting so hood in that shoe video but acting so diff here though 🤔

  • Morgana Ursula
    Morgana Ursula 4 months ago+609

    When u see housewives of Beverly hills, she was a teen with no model type and more childish and now u see her moving and smiling like a very elegant woman she changed soooooo much! Doesn't seem the same person! Even without her nose job she was already. gorgeous

  • No Wire Hangers!
    No Wire Hangers! 3 months ago+1284

    The best spent money I've ever seen on plastic surgery.

  • Hằng Võ
    Hằng Võ 2 months ago+204

    Apparently she's not as cold as she may look...
    A very caring and down-to-earth person!!

  • NatashaLovesGreenday
    NatashaLovesGreenday 4 months ago+308

    Lana is wayyyyy too mysterious for 73 Questions, she's also extremely private. But...I would kill to see it!!! She's my spirit animal 😍

  • nava afriat
    nava afriat 4 months ago+362

    Bella Hadid: PROBABLY