How a Dress Inspired by Meghan Markle Made It to Broadway



  • Young Durag 1 months ago

    I clicked on this video with absolutely no interest in the title.

  • Shay Marie 21 days ago


  • Loren Jane 1 months ago

    Young Durag same

  • Bccmac 14 1 months ago

    Who was bothered by how he pronounce “asymmetrical”?

  • Bccmac 14 1 months ago

    @abbie baillif Ah, good to know

  • abbie baillif 1 months ago

    Bccmac 14 they say it because it’s a New York accent lol

  • Nadia Tristian 1 months ago

    "Yeah those look exactly alike"

  • Justin Lee 1 months ago

    ASSymmetrical NeCkLiNe

  • M Clemons 1 months ago

    I know it says inspired, but those dresses look nothing alike. Cover some actual news and not stuff meant for tabloids, except the animal stuff that stuff is great.

  • PeterTran 1 months ago

    “See how similar they look!”I don’t see it...

  • Loren Jane 1 months ago

    Remember when the last inside edition was actually about the news

  • Andrew P 1 months ago

    Well inside edition is an entertaining channel now...

  • L Wayne 1 months ago

    This how many people don’t care#dontcare👇🏻

  • abbie baillif 1 months ago

    L Wayne lol why did u watch it then

  • Mi 1 months ago

    The Megan one didn’t really look similar to me :/ ....

  • camerana_21 1 months ago

    14 views 20 likes 15 comments, congrats YouTube you’ve done it again!