Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 5 - Review

  • Published on:  5/13/2019
  • Download the Stardust app here: 2nd to last episode of Game of Thrones. King's Landing is attacked, and we all wonder "do they have enough time to wrap this all up"?#GameOfThrones#GoT


  • Bart Allen
    Bart Allen 3 months ago+2993

    Tyrion is officially the tallest Lannister

  • Trafalgar D Law
    Trafalgar D Law 3 months ago+1250

    next episode, arya flies out of nowhere, while Danny is riding the dragon in high skies and kills her. The End

  • Random Single Guardsman
    Random Single Guardsman 3 months ago+383

    You either die Game of Thrones, or live long enough to see yourself become The Walking Dead.

  • waldroop11
    waldroop11 3 months ago+442

    Everyone in Kings Landing: you win
    Daenerys: well I guess genocide is the only answer

  • LAMusing
    LAMusing 3 months ago+217

    Jaime became the Kingslayer to protect the people. Jaime fought the dead to protect the people. Jaime in Ep 5 - I never cared about the people.

  • Gabriel Machado
    Gabriel Machado 3 months ago+2185

    Welcome to King's Landing
    Population: Arya Stark and a horse

  • Ibzino
    Ibzino 3 months ago+772

    Euron Greyjoy : I am the man who killed Jamie Lannister
    Red Keep : Hold my brick

  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 69 3 months ago+1084

    10 minutes silence for those who named their daughter Khaleesi or Daenerys😂😂

  • Zayd Ghazzawi
    Zayd Ghazzawi 3 months ago+696

    The pacing of this season is my main critique. I actually can envision Dany becoming crazed with grief and rage at the loss of all her advisors and loved ones. But can you do that in basically an episode and a half? I doubt it

  • Hi Chickie
    Hi Chickie 3 months ago+209

    I feel like we’re watching bad fan fic at this point.

  • Julian L
    Julian L 3 months ago+1204

    Confirmed: Arya kills Cersei wearing a face of Bricks.

  • The Jester
    The Jester 3 months ago+95

    Dany - “I ask you not to judge a child on the sins of their father.”
    Also Dany - Kills innocent civilians.

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 3 months ago+58

    D&D after ep3: That's the end of dothrakis...
    Dothrakis in ep5: ooolululululu

  • Richard Coeur DeLion
    Richard Coeur DeLion 3 months ago+375

    Danerys was the queen who didn't agree to conduct fighting pits, even if they were meant for peace and harmony because she thought it was cruel culture. From that character to character which killed most innocent people, only next to thanos in just an episode. Wtf man? At least thanos had some logic to kill people.

  • Toga Himiko
    Toga Himiko 3 months ago+57

    Patch Notes for Episode 5
    -Scorpions got nerfed. Significantly reduced accuracy. And the hero character Euron no longer gives a bonus to Scorpion accuracy.
    -Dragons got buffed. Speed and stealth have both been increased. They can now take the hide action while flying.
    -Dothraki have been added back to the game. Fans were upset about their removal, so they’re back now.
    -Battle Times have been shortened. Complaints that the Battle of Winterfell lasted too long have been heard, so now battles last no longer than 5 minutes.
    -Northerners and Unsullied both have reduced honor and morality meters. It is now possible for them to commit war crimes with little to no provocation.
    -Cersei’s speed has been reduced. She now moves sluggishly, if at all.
    -Euron’s plot armor has been removed.
    -The Mountain’s loyalty has been reduced for the introduction of the Cleganebowl game type.
    -Arya’s conviction has been reduced after complaints that she was too OP. Her plot armor has been significantly increased to compensate.

  • Fiesta Fella
    Fiesta Fella 3 months ago+1732

    Samwell Tarly killed more people then the Golden Company...

  • Max Covfefe
    Max Covfefe 3 months ago+188

    This is the difference between CHARACTER-DRIVEN stories vs STORY-DRIVEN stories. GOT began as an unpredictable character-driven thing that remained unpredictable as long as it stayed character driven. Last season, we were very suddenly jolted into a story-driven tale that can't wait for its characters to fit the plot. It's jarring, to say the least. It's mildly insulting to the viewer's intelligence. I'm annoyed but still watching.

  • Jim Bruening
    Jim Bruening 3 months ago+295

    All im thinking about is how Khaleesi and Daenarys were the top girl's names a few years back, so now you have an entire generation of females named after a psychotic dragon Hitler.

  • Hamza k
    Hamza k 3 months ago+118

    Bran: I'm the most useless character
    Scorpions: Hold our beers!

  • Insert Opinion
    Insert Opinion 3 months ago+72

    "Danny just kind of forgot about the innocents"