Teen Stranded at Sea for 49 Days Is Finally Pulled to Safety

  • Published on:  9/25/2018
  • A teen is now safe on dry land after he was lost at sea for 49 days. Rescuers hauled Aldi Novel Adilang onto their ship, where they wrapped him in a blanket. He appeared exhausted, and with good reason. Aldi, 18, was working on a floating fishing trap when the raft broke free of its moorings and he drifted away. He used a lamp and radio to try and hail passing boats, and it finally worked!


  • Kaaniman 9 months ago

    Netflix:The boy in the sea for 49 days

  • Reina Argueta 2 days ago

    Kaaniman has always had better luck than you can get for

  • Bloe Me Away 1 months ago

    Life of pi sequal

  • xXElite4296Xx 9 months ago

    Who else would have lost hope after the first day?

  • Sana The Huh 21 days ago

    xXElite4296Xx Me

  • Gacha Girls 23 days ago

    tarik choin That’s me

  • Ray Mak 9 months ago

    49 days. Must be extremely dehydrated. And extremely sunburned.

  • xpizzaplace100 6 days ago

    @Itz_that weirdo yeah

  • Itz_that weirdo 1 months ago

    Ray Mak I swear I see you everywhere

  • FuturisticHub 9 months ago

    The boy in the striped boat. A Netflix Original Series. Coming 2019

  • Damp Toasters 29 days ago

    I’d actually watch that 😂

  • Stevven 1 months ago

    @Xx_Wolfie Studios_xX it's a joke

  • ßro Yasuo! 9 months ago

    *That's gotta be the best pirate I've ever seen*

  • Fnaf lover 35500891 27 days ago


  • RulyPopcorn 1 months ago

    Imagine that happening me : oh I guess I’m a pirate now yar har har

  • Kevin Kieu 9 months ago

    They gonna be making a movie out of this aren’t they?

  • Ms. Maddi 18 days ago

    @Vicious Channel one of my favourite movied

  • The Greek Geek r/wooooooosh

  • Roblox Rocc 1 months ago

    No one:Sharks: Well, there goes lunch

  • Dark- Brawl Stars 27 days ago

    Yoo that's not even funny

  • SnK Kratn 9 months ago

    *Netflix See's This Video* Netflix: Hmmm..Couple days later "New On Netflix '49 days' out now!"

  • JIHYON HAN yesterday

    0:29Top left:nothingBottom left: nothingBottom right: nothing Top right: *Made with KINEMASTER*

  • Sophia skinner 9 months ago

    Guys he’s not lucky...He’s blessed💖God was with him along his journey,god was there telling him everything was going to be ok,and god was watching over him..❤️🙏

  • Naik Fam a months ago

    Whittling Tube Respect the people who believe in God it’s fine if you don’t believe in god , but some do including me. So just stop 🛑

  • Gacha life Katie 1 months ago

    Sophia skinner 🙏🏻 amen 🙏🏻