Extreme Pet Owners

  • Published on:  11/29/2018
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  • PewDiePie
    PewDiePie 8 months ago+20754

    I like that buzz cut ✂️👌

    BROJAK HORSEMALE 8 months ago+2503

    1:09 "two autists who love animals" She pretty much summed it up perfectly.

  • Kyoko Sakura
    Kyoko Sakura 8 months ago+376

    He looks like an NPC from Witcher 3.

  • Stacy Nicole
    Stacy Nicole 8 months ago+879

    “He’s 100 years old, two centuries!”

  • Trevyn Stegall
    Trevyn Stegall 7 months ago+272

    when his bowl cut kept getting bigger... you all need to stop I can't be crying at work

  • bolson42
    bolson42 8 months ago+1259

    Man, I miss Ethan’s broccoli assassin haircut.

  • Stryker98
    Stryker98 8 months ago+401

    This vid has a real classic H3H3 feel.

  • Marqis Garcia
    Marqis Garcia 8 months ago+149

    Ethan and Hila will never stop being hilarious

  • Our Founding Liars
    Our Founding Liars  8 months ago+199

    I have 10 seconds worth of footage of my dog responding strangely to the word “Illuminati”. I suspect my dog knows these two and are part of shadowy organization. Keep asking questions

  • the g man makes money
    the g man makes money 8 months ago+212

    8:42 A hundred years old, 2 centuries! lol

  • Joey Salads
    Joey Salads 8 months ago+1056

    I need to start performing for dogs, youtube doesnt make me money

  • MisterDutch93
    MisterDutch93 8 months ago+121

    Vice has really gone downhill. Remember when they had war correspondents? Now we get pet performer interviews!

  • Freya Lillianna
    Freya Lillianna 8 months ago+156

    Ethan should bark mitzvah shredder that'd be a great video

  • Julaine Fiasca
    Julaine Fiasca 5 months ago+14

    Did anyone else notice how FILTHY their socks were?? They totally have smelly pubes.

  • Yungkebab
    Yungkebab 8 months ago+63

    I’m pretty sure Krõõt is an Estonian name, in case you were wondering.

  • Daniel Sambar
    Daniel Sambar 8 months ago+3495

    See you in another couple months.

  • o0 0o thomas___1028
    o0 0o thomas___1028 8 months ago+53

    0:12 is that pewdiepie 😂

  • RED
    RED 8 months ago+23

    You know they've had at least one orgy during those rug down workshop.

  • Flvrmx
    Flvrmx 8 months ago+43

    Ethan needs a bowl cut

  • Lena R
    Lena R 2 months ago+10

    It's weird to me how they are performing for pets but also calling them "it"