What's In Our Shooting Space? • Ladylike

  • Published on:  12/15/2018
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  • cg standing 7 months ago

    "It's haunted, it's definitely haunted.""It's not haunted. Ghosts aren't real."That's it. They just summed up buzzfeed unsolved.

  • Antique Coffin yesterday

    *Ryan and Shane have entered the chat*

  • makayla reed 2 months ago

    Shane would love kristen for that

  • Rowan Gallagher 7 months ago

    Let’s be real, they made this video so they didn’t have to do it in their own spare time and could pass it off as work

  • Janina Dillow 1 months ago

    Honestly it's smart. 1: maybe they had 0 ideas2: they didn't want to clean3: they wanted to pass this off as workFor someone that works at buzzfeed that was a great way to make their job easier.

  • Amy Sharland 2 months ago

    Rowan Gallagher don’t hate

  • Gael K 7 months ago

    Please do a Birthday episode for Mike! He is such a nice guy :-)

  • Maia Weeman 3 months ago

    I’m here after they posted his bday vid a few days ago

  • Jess G 3 months ago


  • Rosa Gutierrez 7 months ago

    Love that Jen just already knows she hates cleaning

  • Caroline Aglialoro 2 months ago

    Rosa Gutierrez AHHH I WAS THE 1k LIKEEEEE

  • Caroline May 2 months ago

    Rosa Gutierrez eek I was the 999 like!

  • Kaylee Rao 7 months ago

    *watches cleaning videos while procrastinating to clean*

  • Cut!e Gaming 2 months ago

    666 like

  • Galaxyslimy🌌 6 months ago


  • Rei Foodie 7 months ago

    Video idea: since you guys have a lot of makeup I would love to see you guys set a timer and have to pick out a full face o makeup & do a look with it. Maybe you guys can throw some extra challenges in there too. Give it a thumbs up so Lady Like Sees this :)

  • Mike is like the dad of Ladylike

  • Abbi With An I 6 months ago

    Wine uncle?

  • Jackie Flores 7 months ago

    “Nothing is haunted. Ghost aren’t real.” I didn’t know Shane was a part of ladylike😂😂 just kidding Kristen

  • Gael K 7 months ago

    @MissFlauschig LOL It is my thing. Like I said I like Kristen, Even Ryan calls Shane arrogant, and other words like it when Shane says ghosts are with out a doubt not real. It is mathmatically improbable to says everyone who has had an experience is wrong. LOL So to me I found it a little arrogant, but she is awesome. So really you don't need to jump to her aid, just because I found one comment she made arrogant.

  • memegirl 7 months ago

    i missed seeing all of them together tbh

  • PotatoPatato 7 months ago


  • Hannah Cate Silver 7 months ago

    They should hang up their past diys and paintings