Something Scary Live is BACK?! // Snarled Live | Snarled

  • Published on:  6/6/2018
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  • Yes! Something Scary is coming back to us!!

  • Alright?..

  • Laurissa Sill 1 years ago

    At first I thought she was done with the video and I was sad but then when I saw this I was like wow yes she's back:)

  • Wolfe Customs 1 years ago

    Yay!!! Something scary back!!! ❤️💕 Love you sapphire!!😘❤️

  • exploration sage 1 years ago

    OMG...Hey girl. Missed you sooooo much. Welcome back.

  • Hey can you actually do hunted house story because i love them

  • chicken todd 1 years ago

    how do I always manage to miss each SNARLED stream by an hour?

  • giselle cleotilde 1 years ago

    when did u start getting into real life horror story?

  • Mackenzie Richards 1 years ago

    She's in a wheelchair right? Tire tracks??

  • Abdullah Farooq 8 months ago


  • Andrew ROKISKI 1 years ago

    I said that too

  • U have a bendy and the ink machine plushie it's soooo cute!!!!

  • ricochet 12 months ago

    :O NICE

  • L D 1 years ago

    Sapphire your my favorite scary storyteller.👻👽🎃

  • Kyle Harrison 1 years ago

    Your back, U LIED TO US

  • Fan Base 5 months ago

    Kyle Harrison she did not lie to us she never promised it if you are unhappy you may leave this Channel.

  • Kit Kat 11 months ago

    You lied 😡👿😾😡👿😾😡👿😾😡👿😾