Men Have Skin Too (The Remix) | Old Spice

  • Published on:  4/22/2019
  • Old Spice Fresher Collection. Don't think you need it? Yeah you do. Because #MenHaveSkinToo. Video by Chaz Smith: the Fresher Collection: More Manly Stuff: Subscribe to our YouTube:


  • [Removed ]
    [Removed ] 3 months ago+1256

    I can't stop watching this.
    Companies take note.

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 3 months ago+650

    You know old spice’s sales about to triple now 🤣

  • •ThëRëåłPãįń •
    •ThëRëåłPãįń • 3 months ago+571

    Only ad I’ve ever thoroughly enjoyed. 10/10 don’t mind watchin again.
    Btw, this is so going to need a vol. 2 follow up in a few months!

  • Kinsomniac P
    Kinsomniac P 3 months ago+307

    When old spice has better taste in content than any other company 🤣

  • Koda
    Koda 3 months ago+1498

    Old spice know what they doing! 💯

  • Christian Payne
    Christian Payne 3 months ago+422

    who else wasnt expecting rap

  • TOMDC Supercat
    TOMDC Supercat 3 months ago+660

    Who else watched over 20 times
    This is actually a really good ad i neeed some old spice!

  • Eon Films
    Eon Films 3 months ago+212

    oh my god they actually turned this into a real ad

  • Jeremiah S. TV
    Jeremiah S. TV 3 months ago+271

    I was hoping they would turn it into a commercial!

  • Ultimate 9001 warrior YT
    Ultimate 9001 warrior YT 3 months ago+1628

    Probably one of the only Ads i've clicked on

  • MayaSJ
    MayaSJ 3 months ago+97

    Im buying old spice from now on. Well done 🤣💀

  • June Gilbert
    June Gilbert 3 months ago+65

    You need some spice you think this is a joke? They Actually put some mint up in the cool mint bro. Fresher collection is fresher than fresh prince chewing gum and sipping ice water out of some fresh kicks. You need some spice. So exfoliate your skin with some charcoal (some charcoal.) Shea butter moisturize it, make it sparkle. Like a light. Old spice got me feelin brand new now I’m passin it to you cuz MEN HAVE SKIN TOO
    You need some spice (uhu) go get that spice ooh X4. Body wash.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 2 months ago+57

    Okay, but why is he spitting actual BARS at 00:32?

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody 3 months ago+102

    If this was spotify I would add and make it replay forever.
    Mhmmmm you need some spice

  • Jack Meoff
    Jack Meoff 3 months ago+2555

    I’m okay with this being the future of advertising.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 months ago+83

    Advertisement + vines/memes =

  • KpopIsMyDrug
    KpopIsMyDrug 3 months ago+69

    I didn't expect them to actually make it an ad skddafassaad

  • Cold
    Cold 3 months ago+15

    Me:Ugh another ad
    watches full ad

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez 2 months ago+28

    Nobody can do sponsors better than Chaz.
    Well played old spice, well played 👏👏

  • The Theory of Everything
    The Theory of Everything 3 months ago+3412

    The first ad I’ve actually clicked on