• Published on:  5/20/2019
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  • Emilee Elaine
    Emilee Elaine 2 months ago+1461

    Jeffree: Never Doing This Again.
    Tati: Why I Did It ...
    James: No More Lies.
    Sylvia: *actual makeup videos*

  • Hannah Messere
    Hannah Messere 2 months ago+2301

    This is how many people love Sylvia🥵🥰😘

  • Tayana Zook
    Tayana Zook 2 months ago+1542

    BTW I'm a YouTuber too! <3

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 months ago+1548

    All these products were discounted at TJMAXX :/

  • Sarah m
    Sarah m 2 months ago+1110

    Each like equals one dollar for me to buy Sylvia’s pallete! How many palletes can I buy? 💖💕 let’s try to sell out her whole stock lol

  • Sophia Imp
    Sophia Imp 2 months ago+336

    Each like gives me $1 to buy Sylvia's palette! How many can I buy???

  • Alysha Thornton
    Alysha Thornton 2 months ago+295

    I hate to say this but I think all of this stuff in the box came from tj maxx or Marshals. I think that they just took the stickers off. I've seen ALL of that in my tj maxx and Marshalls!

  • Maddie Chandler
    Maddie Chandler 2 months ago+108

    These products most definitely came from TjMaxx or Marshall’s 😐😂 But at least they made sure none of it was damaged or used!

  • Courtney Lusk
    Courtney Lusk 2 months ago+169

    These are all things I’ve purchased at TJ Max/Marshalls...whoever sold this is making good profit!

  • MsPrincesskendall
    MsPrincesskendall 2 months ago+171

    lmao i think all
    this stuff is from tjmaxx i work there and those products are always there :((

  • Rachael Melva
    Rachael Melva 2 months ago+34

    I want to see a 1950's inspired look on you so bad. I think it would suit you so well 😍😍

  • Vane & Emma Vlogs
    Vane & Emma Vlogs 2 months ago+209

    Love from a smalll youu-tuberr in New York🥰💛

  • Ella Higgins
    Ella Higgins 2 months ago+124

    Omg I am literally supposed to be doing my homework but I dropped everything to watch this luv you Sylvia
    Notification squad where you at

  • Sally Wilson
    Sally Wilson 2 months ago+71

    Wait Is nobody going to talk about the fact that there was no ‘RARE NEW PRODUCTS’

  • Yamel Acosta
    Yamel Acosta 2 months ago+10

    You can get all of this products at Marshall’s for $6-10 dollars 😩😩 so you may or many not gotten a lil played 😪

  • Taylor Villa
    Taylor Villa 2 months ago+20

    You should try to put the BITE lip pencil in the fridge idk that might help

  • ameliacharley110699
    ameliacharley110699 2 months ago+15

    Maybe when the listing said “all new” they meant the condition and not the actual product

  • Ashley.Ford16
    Ashley.Ford16 2 months ago+19

    Those Bite pencils usually aren't that soft and squishy. It might have melted a little in the mail. I got one of the duos (there's a variety) at Marshall's for like $6-$8 if I remember. Definitely love the formula on the Bite pencils. They hold up pretty well for a cream lipstick.

  • Aria Xoxo
    Aria Xoxo 2 months ago+17

    New products? More like new in stock at Tk/j maxx

  • Alli Belliveau
    Alli Belliveau 2 months ago+26

    living my mystery box fantasies thru you cause ya girls too scared to buy one 😂