70th Emmy Nominees: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

  • Published on:  8/31/2018
  • The Nominees for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series are Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Mandy Patinkin, Matt Smith, Peter Dinklage, David Harbour and Joseph Fiennes.


  • Johnny Skyfire
    Johnny Skyfire 3 months ago

    Mandy was the weakest out of them, maybe just a bad clip

  • Timothy Wilkes
    Timothy Wilkes 3 months ago

    Mat Smith supporting, he's the lead actor, prince phillip come on.

  • Bernardo Felsenfeld
    Bernardo Felsenfeld 3 months ago

    Go Matt Smith.

  • Maor Alev
    Maor Alev 3 months ago

    Joseph Fiennes

  • Dwi Prian Arda
    Dwi Prian Arda 3 months ago+4

    Noah Schnapp really shouldve gotten the nomination instead of David. Boy stole every scene he was in in Stranger Things. That particular scene where he talked with his mom that there's something wrong with him is so raw and poignant.

  • Ian Levinson
    Ian Levinson  3 months ago

    I have no idea why they choose this episode for Nikolaj when his best scenes this season were when he talks with olenna and when he argues with cersei

  • Ying Zhou
    Ying Zhou 3 months ago


  • Fritz vanLonden
    Fritz vanLonden 3 months ago

    What? You can say, "... fuckers." Just don't say, "... fucked."
    In Mandy Patinkin's scene... Claire Danes was putting sailors to shame.
    In Peter Dinklage's scene... we were watching with the censors at the ready.

  • Rubén Pereira
    Rubén Pereira 3 months ago+2

    How wasn't Will from strangers things nominated is beyond me.

  • Andile Joshua
    Andile Joshua 3 months ago

    Let's talk about how lit that scene from the Handmaid's Tale was! Gahdamn! I came here for GOT but stayed for that lit shot.

  • michael marchione
    michael marchione 3 months ago

    Spears and Shields

  • Lasmar, R.
    Lasmar, R. 3 months ago

    _Lannister_ *3 - null* _Stark-Targaryen_

  • Pravesh Alva
    Pravesh Alva 3 months ago+1

    Shakespeare will finally win the Emmy.

  • Giacinto Bottone
    Giacinto Bottone 3 months ago+1

    Based on these clips, Claire Danes deserves best supporting actor.
    (what a bunch of bad clips for the actors)

  • Love Me
    Love Me 3 months ago+1

    Peter Dinklage / Lena Heady and Nikolaj are the main characters in GOT , How they nominated as supporting roles ???

  • Kev Low
    Kev Low 3 months ago+1

    All are wonderful actors, I have a gut feeling Mr. Dinklage will take another Emmy;)

  • Mysteriousgirl922
    Mysteriousgirl922 3 months ago+1

    Joseph deserve it

  • Marcos G. Díaz
    Marcos G. Díaz 3 months ago+5

    Joseph Fiennes deserves the Emmy, also Matt Smith did a great job! 👍

  • Eduardo Braga
    Eduardo Braga 3 months ago

    Terrible category. Jesus Christ.

  • Nihaal Kumar
    Nihaal Kumar 3 months ago+23

    so the whole lannister house is nominated. I am a proud lannister