tydus got into a fight at school...

  • Published on:  5/23/2019
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  • Kyky Fit 1 months ago

    Turn this blue if you love your mom 👇🏾Edit: thanks for the subs 🙏🏾

  • Smiley Singer an hour ago

    Ya mean likes

  • Ruby Lee 4 hours ago

    Kyky Fit smhhgthbh is old

  • Noch 23 days ago

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  • duck slayer yesterday

    I ant thanking you

  • Ava Searfoss yesterday

    @Crystal Dailey No me?

  • Hooded Edge 26 days ago

    Title: Tydus got into a fight at school1 Sec. In: Jake throws a basketball at Tydus!

  • Malachi Stjohn 8 hours ago


  • Miley Amy 21 hours ago

    I know right

  • Shayan The Yeager 2 days ago

    title: tydys got into a fight in school...meh: WHERE IS THE FIGHT?!

  • Catherine Jones 21 hours ago

    I thought that tydes mom was going to slap him and make the like button blue if you like puppies

  • Tryhardclan Clan 4 days ago

    It hurts it hurts cringe level 1000000

  • Shayan The Yeager 2 days ago

    Jake: Ari's in the other roomMe: ARIANA GRANDEEEEEE?meh again: oh hes a boy

  • Piggies YUM YUM BACON 15 hours ago

    Shayan The Yeager Ariana Grande would never stay in the same room with someone like him

  • Alexis Thompson 23 hours ago

    Why do ya keep saying u miss erika let Jake be happy move on from it. its annoying let them be

  • Syed Ibraheem 22 days ago

    Nice way to clickbateTitle:tydes got in a fight at schoolThe next sec:jake throwing a ball on tydesSorry for spelling mistakes lmao

  • Keeli Baines yesterday

    I love jack pall

  • bigsweat69 12 days ago

    Jake paul is big wanker

  • Carter James Golden 1 months ago

    Who’s better for jake Tana = LikeEricka = Comment

  • Devlin Morales yesterday


  • Shalyn Weir yesterday

    Erika is way better