The 1975 - It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)

  • Published on:  12/3/2018
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    The 1975 - It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) Official Video

    Directed by Warren Fu


  • babytadpole
    babytadpole 2 hours ago

    mattys not even hot anymore

  • M & Mikael
    M & Mikael 6 hours ago


  • Takiyaki Steyk
    Takiyaki Steyk 7 hours ago

    1:49 oh my its just me ?

  • p eak
    p eak 9 hours ago

    โอ วรุฒ

  • miggy
    miggy 10 hours ago

    I jusg realizdd this was uploaded on my birthday

  • Aleister Adino
    Aleister Adino 16 hours ago

    he looks dashing here. is he talking about his addiction and being clean already?

  • Fajrul Alvian
    Fajrul Alvian 16 hours ago

    I've been in this situation 😂

  • Clinton Sinclair
    Clinton Sinclair 18 hours ago

    Did I miss the part where she was brushing her teeth?

  • Clinton Sinclair
    Clinton Sinclair 18 hours ago

    So is Japanese house still a thing?

  • Wicked Goddess
    Wicked Goddess 20 hours ago

    come on are ok...

  • ItsThreeInTheMorningAndImListeningToKraftwerk

    1:27 Talking Heads inspired

  • Charlotte Louise Frater

    What are you doing??? Keep the song as it is!! No dipping..

  • Fj Ca
    Fj Ca yesterday

    The loveeee

  • José Augusto dos Santos


  • LovelyPeach
    LovelyPeach yesterday+1

    Anyone noticed in the end of the video he put his name in quotes? maybe It means he's not that person anymore.

  • Dsv V
    Dsv V yesterday

    can you tell me the guy's name in this video?? is he the same one in sincerity is scary music video?? he is an angel

  • Marianne J
    Marianne J yesterday

    Amber Bain!!!!

  • txastube
    txastube yesterday

    Wow, definitely 1975, LoVe this video 💗 Hate that, when you dream you wake up, before you wake up though it’s wonderful to be alive. This video style also reminds me of bits of whacked out Talking Heads video. Great 👍🏼 again LoVe and thanks for your creative music and minds 🌠🕊🌱🌺🐛🦋🌻🍄💕🤩🙂🙃😍🥰

  • Joel Pirela
    Joel Pirela yesterday

    \\ I swear, Matty is so fucking brilliant!! I love this band for that 👏🏾❤️ //

  • Majo Luna
    Majo Luna yesterday

    Matty 😍😍😍