70th Emmy Awards: Backstage LIVE! with Katt Williams

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Albert Lawrence speaks with Katt Williams about his win for Atlanta.


  • Richard Newborn 10 months ago

    Lets go Katt, salute to Donald Glover for giving him the opportunity.

  • Parker Peters 10 months ago

    My dude went from slapping a Target cashier on a motorized cart to winning an Emmy. Legend.

  • Amanda W. 6 months ago

    What did the Target employee do to make him mad?

  • David Hey 10 months ago

    Isn’t that crazy how no news outlets is talking about his achievements, something fishy

  • Lisha Lewis 9 months ago

    The news people are full of ish.Refer to my comment from the young goes to jail news alert

  • BOX5 BASTARD 10 months ago

    Where is his speech? Yell

  • Do you Know Ok Then 10 months ago

    Great Brother, you deserve it!!

  • The Autumn Collector 10 months ago

    Katt got that Gold!

  • 847 Savage 10 months ago

    But stuff like this is what won’t be as promoted or entertained like all of the previous negativity that’s streaming and trending now.

  • Cosmo Energy 10 months ago

    Katt Williams has exposed the industry many times and they give him an Emmy? Strange.

  • NSmith4 9 months ago

    KP he has an owl hanging from his review mirror in his car in one clip he had made before he got on a private jet too

  • Jordan A. 10 months ago

    Cosmo Energy or maybe they giving him a lil treat then they might try to take him out ....onr thing about they wait a while before they catch you slippin and make ou think everything is all good ....Remember when Prince put on his IG "Just when you thought you were safe " on his picture post .....same thing with Michael Jackson ...this is it tour they probably told MJ tho before hand tho , just my theory tho

  • Broadway 10 months ago

    This dude is truly gifted...even after all the bs that he goes through his talent and hard work bails him out...

  • D Al 10 months ago

    Congratulations Katt

  • SPACE GIMP 10 months ago

    Hell yea Big Katt deserves that one of the most hardest working touring comedians of our generation....him and Dave Chappelle are role models for the new comedians coming up