• Published on:  9/17/2018
  • YAY! We can finally cut Lucy's clutch of Reticulated python eggs! Then, we move my Cow Reticulated python, Perdida, into her new enclosure at The Reptarium. #snake#eggs#brianbarczykSUBSCRIBE TO BRIAN BARCZYK ▶ More SNAKE EGG CUTTING VIDEOS: REPTARIUM WEBSITE: THEREPTARIUM.COMBECOME A YOUTUBE MEMBER AND GET YOUR CUSTOM BADGE: APART OF BUILDING THE REPTARIUM - MY PATREON PAGE: SOCIAL MEDIA - VIRAL DUNK E-COURSE: TO MY VLOG CHANNEL ▶ MY VLOGS!2018 VLOGS ▶ VLOGS ▶ VLOGS ▶ OF THE BEST PLAYLIST!! WATCH NOW ▶***********I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU***********FAN MAIL ▶ P.O. Box 182306 Shelby Township, MI 48318BADCHOICENOAH ▶↑↑↑↑↑↑FOLLOW NOAH↑↑↑↑↑↑***********BUY MERCH***********T-SHIRTS & THERMALS: & BEANIES: IN THE WILD DVD & BLU-RAY:↑↑↑↑↑↑CHECK OUT MY DOCUMENTARY↑↑↑↑↑↑★ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★Facebook ▶ ▶ ▶★ FOLLOW BHB REPTILES ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★Instagram ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶★ FOLLOW REPTILE PRIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★Facebook ▶ ▶ ▶ https://www.reptileprime.comAbout Brian Barczyk:Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!MY GIANT SNAKE (Lucy's) EGGS ARE HATCHING!! COW GETS CAGE AT MY REPTILE ZOO!! | BRIAN BARCZYK[Video URL]Brian Barczyk YOMO - CATS WALKING


  • SnowMintCandy
    SnowMintCandy 11 months ago+805

    Its my bday today i wish i get a pin 😍🍾🍾❤ btw im so addicted to your videos 👌👌😭😍💖

  • leilani tapiata
    leilani tapiata 11 months ago+281

    Yay, you finally cut Lucy eggs and Brian can you please give us an update on her eggs of when they hatch.leave a like if you agree.

  • Treena and jojo
    Treena and jojo 8 months ago+185

    Me: I kinda want a snake
    Also me: actually terrified of snakes

  • Madison Smith
    Madison Smith 3 months ago+50

    Starting off watching the Dolan twins, ended up down a rabbit hole of snake genetics. Why do I love these videos so much??? 😂

  • ItzTryHardBro21
    ItzTryHardBro21 4 months ago+144

    How many times he sad "Oh My God!"

  • CantBeMoreRandom
    CantBeMoreRandom 11 months ago+257

    Brian: WOW IT'S a CiTRON TIGER
    ME: WHAT'S A TIGER!?!?!?

  • Taylor Clarke
    Taylor Clarke 9 months ago+61

    Been scared of snakes most of my life. I have now become very interested in them after watching your videos.

  • Mesatalia
    Mesatalia 7 months ago+13

    "Almost 40"? I thought she had 54 good ones? What happened to the 14+?

  • Tam Plays
    Tam Plays 11 months ago+290

    it's reticulous!!!!

  • Taco Dog
    Taco Dog 11 months ago+151

    For all those people who are coming to comment “You are hurting the snakes when you cut open the eggs” , No he is not because that is the veins of the egg and you can see the veins on the top of the eggs when he flips it open so don’t be alarmed . Also I love your videos Brian please heart this that would just make my day

  • ToxicGaming XB
    ToxicGaming XB 11 months ago+382

    Brian we will never be bored of cutting snakes eggs.

  • Tessa Louise
    Tessa Louise 11 months ago+16

    Trying to convince my fiancé that flying from the uk to see the reptarium will be worth it 😂🤞

  • nono12888
    nono12888 4 months ago+77

    This is a weird unboxing video.

  • Amanda Kummer
    Amanda Kummer yesterday

    Im always afraid that he accidentally cuts himself or the baby snake with the box cutter

  • Babygirlshay
    Babygirlshay 2 months ago+13

    Brain:Tiger citron
    Me: Boa constrictor (the only snake I know)

  • Brooklynn Smith
    Brooklynn Smith 9 months ago+81

    try asking Snake Discovery.

  • Michelle Mcvay
    Michelle Mcvay 11 months ago+43

    Omg ! Lucy's babies...please dont forget to blog them out of the eggs even though your really busy with the reptarium...please!!!
    Thank you for showing us such beautiful animals

  • zenn lang
    zenn lang 2 months ago+11

    Who else loves snake discovery and this

  • Brody Rosenthal
    Brody Rosenthal 2 months ago+15

    Me: I want a snake
    Also Me: I just got 2 pet ferrets that costed 700$

  • The Pastel Cookie
    The Pastel Cookie 11 months ago+402

    Place One of her Babies in the zoo!!!🐍🐢🐊