Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens & the 'Dog Days' Cast Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED



  • Maya Viloria
    Maya Viloria a years ago+3061

    agh i was lied to in the thumbnail. I thought Nina and Vanessa would be together

  • Andrea F.
    Andrea F. a years ago+3511

    Im pretty sure that any top search for Vanessa includes Zac Efron in it

  • Brenda Martínez
    Brenda Martínez a years ago+3533

    Nina Dobrev wasn't wearing a lot of makeup and she looked so beautiful!

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP a years ago+6065

    Nina and Vanessa are so beautiful

  • princeton pennington
    princeton pennington a years ago+2196

    Me waiting for vampire diaries questions 😭🤔

  • allens legacy
    allens legacy a years ago+1835

    Nina speaking Bulgarian is like heaven

  • Zayy Na
    Zayy Na a years ago+3316

    Nina is so cute i want a nina

  • Lucy Emmerson
    Lucy Emmerson a years ago+1084

    Vanessa's laughs not changed one bit since high school musical

  • xxxCrazyAndLazyxxx
    xxxCrazyAndLazyxxx a years ago+1235

    This is what Nina said in Bulgarian - "I really want you to see this movie "Dog Days". You will like it a lot. This is Eva Longoria, she is very good in this movie."

  • Rainbowzie
    Rainbowzie a years ago+929

    Every time Vanessa laughs one fairy is born

  • Victor Chang
    Victor Chang a years ago+1546

    Nina's voice is so mmmm

  • Allen Payne
    Allen Payne a years ago+1091

    Lol why do they only say Vanessa Hudgens and Nina Dobrev when there a two other ppl there?

  • ryan takn
    ryan takn a years ago+1614

    Nina Dobrev 2018
    “I love all the meat”

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP a years ago+2349

    I want a hsm so bad, its been years lol

  • Raven Thomas
    Raven Thomas a years ago+1505

    What a beautiful collection of people

  • Rado
    Rado a years ago+655

    Nina is so freaking sweet and beautiful and smart and ohhh maaan. Mad props to her for still speaking Bulgarian without an accent. I know it can be really difficult if you live outside of BG.

  • We Are Champions!
    We Are Champions! a years ago+526

    "Is Nina Dobrev vegetarian?"
    "No. I love all meat...."

  • wbc
    wbc a years ago+167

    When I was younger I thought Nina dobrev Victoria justice and Vanessa hudgens & Mila kunis were basically the same people and now I’m just confused why I would ever think that

  • Em Dawg
    Em Dawg a years ago+356

    I like that clickbait w Nina&Vanessa

  • fern
    fern a years ago+506

    Vanessa Hudgens has always been my celebrity crush