What's inside a Luxury Doomsday Bunker?



  • Nia
    Nia 8 months ago+4052

    When a doomsday bunker is better than your actual home

  • DannnSigg L
    DannnSigg L 2 months ago+904

    Pffft this is nothing. My obsidian minecraft secret base is way safer

  • Martin Parra
    Martin Parra 1 months ago+183

    Make a “what’s inside area51 video”

  • Spreehox
    Spreehox 1 months ago+409

    Bruh I'd just live here even if there wasn't an apocalypse

  • evah evah
    evah evah 2 months ago+404

    And death says "You can run,but you can't hide"

  • YourMCAdmin
    YourMCAdmin 9 months ago+14562

    "Undisclosed Location in Kansas"
    2 minutes of Googling later
    1347 Gold Rd, Glasco, KS 67445
    Literally Google "Survival Condo" + Kansas.
    It's super-secret you guys. Don't tell anyone ;)

  • Benjamin Trif
    Benjamin Trif 1 months ago+135

    Undisclosed location in Kansas in a old missile silo. That narrows it down.

  • dingbat19
    dingbat19 2 months ago+105

    Built in an old missile silo - well let's hope the Russian's have updated their ICBM target list then...

  • Ellis Morgan
    Ellis Morgan 3 months ago+81

    After five years it turns into the worlds most expensive tomb.

  • Avakin Cayden
    Avakin Cayden 1 months ago+43

    Me:good luck getting in my bunker

  • Ya'akov
    Ya'akov 8 months ago+1643

    Just a reminder, only the rich will survive a nuclear apocalypse

  • Amanda Lafleur
    Amanda Lafleur 2 months ago+60

    Makes you think what is the government planning now

  • David Mayer de Rothschild
    David Mayer de Rothschild 2 months ago+35

    You showed everything the comfort of home, but where is the hospital??

  • WiseSilverWolf
    WiseSilverWolf 2 months ago+91

    Even in a doomsday scenario the rich found a way to keep living a life of excess and luxury like if resources arent finite lol

  • Awake andreborn
    Awake andreborn 1 months ago+20

    How long would all of those luxuries get old and the people start going crazy? Not long. Most people do not acclimate themselves to isolation, lack of sunlight, and confinement. How long before the personalities start clashing and that becomes a true hell?

  • Lindsay Williams
    Lindsay Williams 8 months ago+1868

    Survival of the richest.

  • Electronic Lover
    Electronic Lover 2 months ago+30

    so the government basically built a mini underground city

  • BlxckKnightBxt
    BlxckKnightBxt 1 months ago+14

    so what happens when there is a earthquake and your underground

  • Deutsche Hierarchie
    Deutsche Hierarchie 2 months ago+24

    Wi-Fi access and flat screen televisions. Yeah, cause those are going to be super important after the bombs fall and everything electronic gets completely fried.
    Seriously... I know the people getting these spots will be rich, but be realistic. The internet will be gone. Nearly all well known tv stations will be completely obliterated. What a waste of space!

  • Breeezy
    Breeezy 2 months ago+70

    *Jeffree star wants to know your location*