Dozen Malasada Challenge (Leonard's Bakery!)

  • Published on:  3/31/2018
  • Good Video? Like/Fav & Share!!MALASADAS!!!If you haven't had them yet you haven't yet lived.Super casual video this week! On "vacation" at the moment, will be back home next week and get back to the heavier stuff...ENJOY!!!Follow me on Social!FACEBOOK - - - - - Address:P.O. Box 22210San Jose, CA 95151Credits:Summertime Love by LAKEY INSPIRED Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 promoted by Audio Library


  • Ray M.
    Ray M. a years ago+1232

    You should make a day in the life showing what you eat on a normal day

  • De Reach
    De Reach a years ago+386

    Imagine he is on a date and he eats like this .

  • All Hail MaximilianMus
    All Hail MaximilianMus a years ago+151

    his stomach is bigger than my future and his metabolism is faster than a bugatti

  • RA A
    RA A a years ago+364

    So jealous that he can eat all that..other hand me if I sniff it I'll gain 10 Pounds lol

  • AntoshaTV
    AntoshaTV a years ago+414

    baklava challenge pls

  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  a years ago+1448

    I was a very fat baby.

  • Patrick M.
    Patrick M. a years ago+113

    He was disadvantaged because he didn't even had a table, where to put the water and the masadas

  • FireBoyYT
    FireBoyYT a years ago+107

    He's better than Furious Pete. Like if you agree!

  • Earth Chan
    Earth Chan a years ago+56

    Hau is gonna love watching this

  • zypher
    zypher a years ago+168

    Do popeyes without water

  • Izzy
    Izzy a years ago+2099

    I am fairly convinced that his mouth is just a black hole.

  • GreedEU
    GreedEU a years ago+51

    Matt "Hau" Stonie :)

  • Dipen Dangol
    Dipen Dangol a years ago+31

    oh shit ... ..this is basically me eating breakfast when I wake up at 8 am but the class starts at 7 am ... LOL

  • Emerald Angel
    Emerald Angel a years ago+12

    Actually... they say the titanic sank from a fire.
    Turns out Matt Stonie ate it

  • Zingaa
    Zingaa a years ago+28

    "Mal - asada" is Portuguese for "Under Cooked" or "Badly Fried"
    (Mal = Bad Asada = Fried)

  • Living it WILD
    Living it WILD a years ago+9

    This guys metabolism is faster than Usain Bolt bruh lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 like if yall agree

  • Kontveger123
    Kontveger123 a years ago+9

    lucky that hau didnt come over (if you know what i mean)

  • -Decimate-
    -Decimate- a years ago+32

    You couldn't like eat in a car. You know people in Hawai'i are going to think your on crack

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam a years ago+9

    Eat as many Popeyes biscuits you can in a minute... with no water

  • AREM
    AREM a years ago+806

    i gained weight by watching the video