Nike - Dream Crazy



  • The Definition of Determination

    I LOVE THIS!!!! Not sure how I'm JUST NOW seeing this whole thing?! Oh, I was working a lot of Overtime around this time. SIMPLY INCREDIBLE VIDEO NIKE!!!! & EVERYONE ONE ELSE INVOLVED IN THE MAKING OF THIS ! BRAVO!! Threw out the whole video & the kid w/ no legs brought tears to my eyes

  • Dark Scream
    Dark Scream 5 hours ago

    Gillette, take notes.

  • yodashuttle Munoz
    yodashuttle Munoz 5 hours ago

    Honestly nike is so supportive and receiving of everyone, i really like how they made a nike hijab 👍👍👍

  • Mr. Haha 89
    Mr. Haha 89 6 hours ago

    This ad has a message everyone can buy into, even critics. It’s woke, but isn’t preachy like the Gillette ad.

  • Erik Panariti
    Erik Panariti 13 hours ago

    The most offending thing in this ad is the fact that Serena Williams is the greatest athlete of all time. She could definelty be considered the greatest female tennis player or perhaps even greatest tennis player period but I don't know about greatest athlete.

  • kyle f
    kyle f 14 hours ago

    Don’t get me wrong , it’s a good advertisement , I just think they should have put in someone a little bit more inspirational with that speech . Idk maybe a kid who survived cancer ? Or the actual person they were talking about in the ad beating a brain tumor ? But they put in a asshat who kneels for the 6% of black people killed by police who thinks its country wide racism causing it . Lol I just find it funny .

  • Xanadoo
    Xanadoo 15 hours ago

    Fuck your propaganda and your fake likes.

  • gdthallium
    gdthallium 20 hours ago

    Just came here to cleanse myself from #Gillette

  • Bryan Montenegro
    Bryan Montenegro yesterday

    This ad makes me think what am I doing with my life

  • Andrew Ocean
    Andrew Ocean yesterday+1

    fuck off

  • Mikhail Grishkov
    Mikhail Grishkov yesterday

    My love

  • Andy Melo
    Andy Melo yesterday+2

    Adidas from now on. Nike sucks anyway, men stand, we dont kneel, corwards do!

  • Scott MacQuarrie
    Scott MacQuarrie yesterday+1

    Thank Nike for crazy

  • Tristan Smith
    Tristan Smith yesterday

    Fuck Trump. Fuck the wall. Fuck war. Fuck racism. Fuck oppression. Fuck police brutality.

  • James Daniel Smith
    James Daniel Smith 2 days ago+2

    Ahahaha Nike have manipulated the likes and comments beyond belief, what a joke they are these days.

  • Kobe GOAT Bryant
    Kobe GOAT Bryant 2 days ago +1

    We’ll never forget you here in SF Kaep. Had some of my greatest memories as a niners fan watching you come through clutch in big games and carrying us into the Super Bowl.

  • Beris Forde
    Beris Forde 3 days ago

    don't mean to seem like a ad hack but feel like this...inside

  • dieket hubert andre guillaume

    Thank for motivation that you give.

  • Joshua Sandman
    Joshua Sandman 4 days ago+2

    Kapernik your a coward... if you cared about blacks you'd go to the black communities and talk to them and help them face the truth of crime within the black community. Your using black people for your own selfish goals. Check statistics!! It's all facts blacks kill more blacks. Protest that you moron!!

  • Levi Epperson
    Levi Epperson 4 days ago

    If you didn't know about the Kaepernick drama ..and watched this...90% would agree one of those most inspirational commercials out there...I watch it like once a week