Spin the MYSTERY Wheel Challenge w/GIRLFRIEND!! (1 Spin = 1 Dare)

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
  • MORGZ & GIRLFRIEND KIERA BRIDGET SPIN WHEEL OF CRAZY MYSTERY GROSS DARES!! Download Monster Legends 2: https://mtchm.de/r95ifHey TeamMorgz, today Morgz & Morgz Girlfriend Kiera Bridget do the Crazy Mystery Spin Wheel Challenge, with Extreme Dares Spin Wheel Game! Similar to Morgz Fortnite 1 Kill 1 Dare & Ex Couple Plays Awkward Spin the Wheel Game & Mystery Wheel of Slime! This Mystery Fun Family Friendly Cute Challenge was so Crazy. Comment Below if we should do Learn How To Make DIY Games and Fun like Collins Key. Love you guys...►► RED CAMO MGZ MERCH ALMOST *SOLD OUT* ►► www.morgz.co www.morgz.co—————————| BE ACTIVE FOR A FOLLOW |------------------- ►FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MorgzHudson►FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/morgzyt ►ADD MY SNAPCHAT: MorgzHudson►FOLLOW MUM ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BigJillHudson►FOLLOW DAD ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BigDarrenHudson—————————| OTHER |—————————►BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: officialmorgangaminghd@gmail.com►MY GAMING CHAIR UK: https://www.gtomegaracing.com/?tracki... - USE "morgz" FOR A DISCOUNT►MY GAMING CHAIR US: https://usa.gtomegaracing.com/?tracki... - USE "morgz" FOR A DISCOUNT!►TRANSLATE THIS VIDEO FOR A FREE SHOUTOUT http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_p...family friendly pg cleanSTAY AWESOME GUYS! :D


  • Morgz
    Morgz  11 months ago+13868

    Watch To The End, The Truth Is Revealed...

  • sandy vanzovica
    sandy vanzovica 10 months ago+1054

    10 likes I tell my crush I like him :)

  • Dante Goranson
    Dante Goranson 5 days ago+22

    Why is screaming every single time he says something

  • Samantha_Gacha Studios
    Samantha_Gacha Studios 21 days ago+55

    This is how many people died from Morgz

  • Kendra Jett
    Kendra Jett 28 days ago+126

    I swear his reaction to landing on “kiss” is like he’s freakin two years old

  • Brody McHenry
    Brody McHenry  14 days ago+85

    She's way too quiet and cute for him.

  • Cyclopz Hybrid
    Cyclopz Hybrid 2 months ago+619

    This is how many noise complaints Morgz got

  • ɔdɐ/
    ɔdɐ/ 14 days ago+31

    why does kiera actually seem decent but controlled by morgz’s insane and messed up self?

  • MandC cook
    MandC cook 4 days ago+4

    I subscribed and I want my cookie

  • Callum and maisie
    Callum and maisie 2 days ago

    Kiera said it landed on yoga but it landed on delete channel she switched it

  • Emmm Jay
    Emmm Jay 28 days ago+36

    Is nobody gonna comment on how he said “I think I might’ve been caught”?

  • ii blxssom ii
    ii blxssom ii 11 months ago+2624

    I want a cookie
    Like if u want one too

  • Ben Conley
    Ben Conley 7 days ago+5

    Conspiracy theory: kyra and Morgan are siblings

  • Vanessa Infante
    Vanessa Infante 2 days ago+1

    Why does morgz keep screaming

  • Eissa Albashrawi
    Eissa Albashrawi yesterday

    Why Morgan was so happy to kiss Keira and Keira just kissed puggo an puggo eats his own poop

  • Kendra Jett
    Kendra Jett 28 days ago+38

    Not even being sarcastic the amount of voice cracks during the lake part actualy have me a headache

  • Squid 714
    Squid 714 2 months ago+639

    How many times Morgan had a voice crack

  • Sierra Mikos
    Sierra Mikos 2 days ago+1

    LOL WHEN U SCREAM It WAS funny!!!!!

  • FirezGaming
    FirezGaming yesterday

    Kira.exe has stopped responding

  • Sausagemen77 Kim
    Sausagemen77 Kim yesterday

    The orenge justice is easy