Greatest Trick Plays in Football History



  • datsdemdubs !
    datsdemdubs ! 2 years ago+7788

    if the title is 100% english and the thumbnail shows dudes with pads on a footbal field dont click on it expecting soccer

  • Caden Chandler
    Caden Chandler 11 months ago+105

    The whole time the kicker is running he's like: O No, O No, O No

  • Fuck boiii
    Fuck boiii 2 days ago

    This aint the football we love

  • Dan Willhite
    Dan Willhite 11 months ago+7

    10:19 If pixels were pennies, you could almost buy a gallon of gas.

  • Crox 0
    Crox 0 10 months ago

    1:20 that dude that ran to hug him I’m dead 😭😂😂

  • bjk12385
    bjk12385 1 months ago

    6:26 was my favorite one

  • Roblox Streams
    Roblox Streams 3 months ago+9

    1:23 HOLY CRAP I wish I could do that

  • Travis Then
    Travis Then 11 months ago+241

    Best play ever -- Seahwaks v Pats in the Super Bowl. Hawks faked us all out by throwing an interception instead of running the ball. Truly ingenious.

  • Fuzz
    Fuzz 8 months ago

    1:20 that’s what I do when I get to eat out

  • FiloAus
    FiloAus 2 years ago+10

    If I was living in America,this has to be my favourite sport!

  • Peter Van Nice
    Peter Van Nice 5 months ago

    2019 any one👇like if

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King 8 months ago+1

    4:05 he was camouflage by his uniform and the ground field... That was an ultimate trick play

  • comer pickles
    comer pickles 6 months ago+1

    4:02 "I'm sneaky!"

  • street fighter marin gutierrez

    @2:04 "It bounced off the hands of Hank Baskett."
    That sure was a generous way to call.
    Another way would be "It bounced off his head! What?? Was he going for a headbutt???"
    This play is forever bruned in Colts fans memories, just like the onside attempt against the Patrios, this was a huge playoff game that cost us 1 other Manning Super Bowl.

  • goodkill1
    goodkill1 2 years ago+1542

    ends with the butt fumble, lol

  • Aiden tube Gomes
    Aiden tube Gomes 6 months ago+1

    I liked the part when had helmets on

  • Jeffrey Ellison
    Jeffrey Ellison 11 months ago

    Omg I have a tear in my eye!

  • StarBoi Ninja
    StarBoi Ninja 8 months ago+10


  • kindley fernand
    kindley fernand 5 months ago+17

    10:52 if you want to see the thumbnail

  • Matt
    Matt 2 years ago+1740

    I liked the one where they did the thing and then scored. Great moment.