• Published on:  5/4/2019
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  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash  3 months ago+872

    Enjoy today's video!! Have a good weekend!!

  • fatema abbas
    fatema abbas 3 months ago+1154

    even if it's sick Natalie content we appreciate thank u for coming through Jason !!!

  • brooklyn
    brooklyn 3 months ago+1920

    jason is posting so many good videos lately, i'm living for it

  • Eliza Miller
    Eliza Miller 3 months ago+970

    I love that Jason realizes that Natalie is the best clickbait 😂

  • coco
    coco 3 months ago+398

    Natalie and david argue like an old married couple Lmao

  • Natasha _V_kumar
    Natasha _V_kumar 3 months ago+380

    David literally cannot function and live without Natalie 😂 it's adorable! He is so dependent on her that he wants someone like Natalie be with him. I don't care what anyone says they have the most beautiful and purest friendship of all......
    And I feel so happy that Jason's merch is selling so that he can get good stuff for himself and his kids 😅😂😂😂😂😂
    Love you Jason!


    “I’m so sad... I love going on trips just us 3...” - Natalie. So sweet 😂😂

  • Debra Morgan
    Debra Morgan 3 months ago+343

    Lmao I feel Natalie has the perfect personality to deal with David, she knows how to sass him haha
    (Note: I don't ship them as couple or anything lol)

  • Sukeerti Pande
    Sukeerti Pande 3 months ago+923

    Damn waterproof letter pad. He's getting serious

  • i won't hesitate bitch
    i won't hesitate bitch 3 months ago+866

    jason coming through with the Natalie content

  • namaswi
    namaswi 3 months ago+372

    lmfao david trying to kiss scott in the background at 19:12 killed me

  • mads
    mads 3 months ago+480

    The reason your merch is doing so well is cause Trisha’s buying it all

  • Kaylee Dynna
    Kaylee Dynna 3 months ago+265

    Omg I can’t with them, David in the beginning talking about how Natalie sounded so bad the other night and right when he was leaving he felt bad and offered first class like awww

  • Lil Andy
    Lil Andy 3 months ago+404

    I love how Jason acts like a 17 year old but also has a sense of maturity lmao

  • missy Martinez
    missy Martinez 3 months ago+197

    Heath looks incredible. I love that everyone uses Natalie for clickbait. I like u And David and Natalie hanging out

  • TheAnirude
    TheAnirude 3 months ago+404

    Aaayyyeee thank you for putting me in your vlog!! Thats me at 11:53.... I was the captain of the flight! I am also a big fan! Hope you enjoyed the flight!

  • Jasmine Anzora
    Jasmine Anzora 3 months ago+77

    David seemed a bit bummed when natalie didn’t go

  • sarah mac
    sarah mac 3 months ago+187

    "Why everyone describes me as like i have an attitude?"
    Well don't you? 😂😂😂

  • Stephanie Heinrich
    Stephanie Heinrich 3 months ago+98

    Cannot get over David calling Natalie ET ... 😂.

  • Michelle Leigh
    Michelle Leigh 3 months ago+139

    I LOVE Natalie in this vlog. More of Natalie like this!!!