ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" Performance Video



  • 南犬宇
    南犬宇 4 months ago+1344

    Who’s the best dancer in this video?
    All of them - like
    Their hair - comment
    Love Yeji😍

  • This Guy
    This Guy 3 months ago+1136

    Can we just appreciate Yeji's amazingly beautiful cat eyes?

  • Ririn Indaryani
    Ririn Indaryani 4 months ago+564

    Yeji Stan?????

  • Maheen Hashmi
    Maheen Hashmi 5 months ago+1151

    Not gonna lie I was a fan of Ryujin since highlight reel 😂 yall armys here know what I'm talking about

  • ygrrr
    ygrrr 5 months ago+3301

    Yeji is so powerful...!!

  • • sTaNLoOnAfOrcLeArErsKiN •

    Ryujin is too good to be a Lead Dancer

  • Ayie Yoew
    Ayie Yoew 4 months ago+613

    Kaway Kaway sa mga pilipino....
    Wala? Ako lang?

  • Gülnur Yavuz
    Gülnur Yavuz 3 months ago+627

    Everybody likes Ryujin and Chaeryoung. But my bias is Lia. She is very talented and cute. Liaaaa❤❤❤❤💞❤💞💞💞💞💞

  • Jungkook Maknae
    Jungkook Maknae 4 months ago+234

    I still can't believe that I'm 4 months older than yuna
    My bias: Yeji
    Bias wrecker: Yuna, ryejin

  • Tsukiumi
    Tsukiumi 5 months ago+803

    Ryujin needs more lines!!!😭
    My bias list
    1. Ryujin/Chaeryoung sorry i can't choose!
    2. yeji
    4. lia

  • Mitsuki yuri chan
    Mitsuki yuri chan 2 months ago+217

    Twice: Dahyun
    Blackpink: Lisa
    ITZY: Ryujin
    Hello ryujin fans :3

  • KoReAn pRinCeSs
    KoReAn pRinCeSs 1 months ago+76

    Yeji: powerful
    Lia: angelic
    Ryujin: pretty badass queen
    Charyeon: cute
    Yuna: gorgeous
    In short Itzy is beautiful and talented
    They're goddess

  • XavP
    XavP 5 months ago+198

    2:43 Ryujin: Stares into camera
    Me: *Dying

  • A Evb
    A Evb 5 months ago+65

    My bias
    1. Lia
    2. Ryujin
    3. Yeji
    4. Chaeryeong
    5. Yuna

  • Vanessa Bader
    Vanessa Bader 4 months ago+172

    Ryujin‘s facial expressions are amazing 🔥

  • suga kookies and tae
    suga kookies and tae 5 months ago+166

    I like that JYP didn't bleach their hair, he cares about their health!😂😂

  • Patricia Ginett
    Patricia Ginett 3 months ago+72

    I love ryujin's expressions.🖤

  • Stan All Kpop Groups
    Stan All Kpop Groups 5 months ago+3553

    Every members are beautiful in different ways no one is better they all amazing happy to stan OT5 <3

  • L V
    L V 2 months ago+49

    Outfit Ranking (in my opinion)
    1. Yuna
    2. Yeji
    3. Chaeryoung
    4. Lia
    5. Ryujin
    (They all look good though)
    Bias List
    1. Ryujin
    2. Yeji
    3. Yuna
    4. Lia
    5. Chaeryoung
    (I luv all of them btw)

  • Rafi Khairan
    Rafi Khairan 4 months ago+257

    Most people : Ryujin shoes , chaeryong .
    Me: 2020 Kia Soul??????