Invisible World Trailer | Old Spice

  • Published on:  8/21/2017
  • Imagine if a deodorant brand were brave enough, crazy enough, to run with an idea as irresponsible and fool-hardy as financing a full-length invisible movie that you can't actually see. Now imagine what that would look like. Now stop imagining, because it’s happening. But wait. Maybe imagine for a little bit longer, because this is just the trailer. Look out for Invisible World, late-August 2017. As in, with your eyes. Don't not miss the invisible movie of the century. We could do this all day. Anyway, we made a movie. Did we did mention it's invisible?


  • Popemaster09
    Popemaster09 a years ago+29

    I laughed so hard at the Photoshop transparent background. Genius.

  • LazärheaD
    LazärheaD a years ago+18

    Can't wait to not see this...

  • A Humble Weeb
    A Humble Weeb a years ago+44

    I'd pay to see that

  • Teksura
    Teksura a years ago+20

    The visual effects look amazing. I can't believe they got everything to look so invisible.

  • BlueBeamProductions
    BlueBeamProductions a years ago+12

    ... What?

  • Gerardson
    Gerardson a years ago+8

    this is not Rad Talking Wolfthorn

  • youtube comment
    youtube comment a years ago+50

    i’ve never seen anything so invisible!

  • RoyalGreenTea
    RoyalGreenTea a years ago+5

    I'll pay and get literally nothing. It's gonna be so awesome!

  • AboxoroxRoxursox
    AboxoroxRoxursox a years ago+20

    Thanks Old Spice now I can die happy knowing I've seen it all. 😃

  • Kimpes
    Kimpes a years ago+5

    these guys seriously have the best advertising campaigns I've ever seen. the nature-man, the 'running in the shape of your prize' competition and now a completely invisible movie. knowing of their track record with these kinds of things, I can't wait for the invisible movie

    XDEDEDE a years ago+4

    I can't wait to see it
    But not really see it!

  • Jrodd
    Jrodd a years ago+6

    Quality transparent layer LUL

  • Charles C
    Charles C a years ago+2

    ...but how would I know it's really invisible if I can't see it?

  • ArmyMedicRN
    ArmyMedicRN a years ago+2

    I know I'm not the only one who paused on the credits and read every line with anticipation

  • Stirwood2
    Stirwood2 a years ago+3

    I'm a simple man, when there's something invisible around I don't see it.

  • Apeirogon
    Apeirogon a years ago+2

    A blind person's blessing.

  • Eldritch Squid
    Eldritch Squid a years ago+4

    We know what team old spice is on.

  • BBHSN98
    BBHSN98 a years ago+5

    What happens when John Cena directs a movie

  • Guy Beardmane
    Guy Beardmane a years ago+9

    Starring John Cena.

  • Z'hera Johnson
    Z'hera Johnson a years ago+2

    Lol the only reason I'm here is because someone "hacked" into my phone and I just watched them struggle to turn up the volume and make me watch this.