Testing Cheap Drugstore Hair Products To Find The BEST | Dove, Axe, Old Spice, Got2B, American Crew

  • Published on:  7/20/2017
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    Alpha is amazed at the men's hair product drugstore options. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is buying and testing drugstore hair products. He's heading to Walgreens for alternatives to Pete and Pedro Putty.

    With fresh clean hair, Alpha tries each of the 5 hair products:

    1. American Crew Fiber ($19.00) - the price is the same as Pete and Pedro Putty and the most expensive of these 5 products. It's fresh smelling, a bit of shine, and hold is decent although he feels it will go flat as soon as he goes outside. Overall, it remains a great product.

    2. Axe Spiked Up ($9.50) - it's super messy, sticky, and paste-like. It has the highest hold of all 5 products. After styling, his hair feels dry with a waxy residue. Note that after he washed his hair, he can still smell the Axe. The scent is intense.

    3. Old Spice Putty ($8.00) - smells mild and is really soft. The more you heat it up, the scent becomes stronger (and not to Alpha's liking in regard to the fragrance). The product goes into his hair easier than Axe but has a much lower hold than American Crew and Axe.

    4. Dove Sculpting Paste ($7.75) - mild fragrance, stiff, and emulsifies easily. The hold is not great (it's medium; not as good as the Axe) but on-par with American Crew (and half the price of American Crew). Overall, this product was Alpha's favorite of all 5 tested.

    5. Got2B Glued Spiking Wax ($7.00) - a higher hold with a mild scent and similar in consistency to Dove. It's very sticky, heavy, and waxy. This product is the least favorite in terms of performance.

    Overall Thoughts
    If you put any of these products in wet hair and let air dry, they'll lock it down. A cost effective and good product is the Dove Sculpting Paste. American Crew is really good too. The other three are decent, but the lower price equates to lower quality ingredients. Note that Alpha prefers Pete and Pedro Putty above all of these products and would spend the extra bucks on the hair he cherishes. Additionally, unlike other brands where one product is good, the entire line Pete and Pedro line is superior with super high quality.