Will It Milk? Taste Test

  • Published on:  1/7/2019
  • We're entering a whole new world of dairy-alternatives. Today we're answering the age old question... Will It Milk? GMM #1455

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  • Lexi Pearce
    Lexi Pearce 22 minutes ago

    Rhett, you're looking for the word "nourished"

  • Caleb Hicks
    Caleb Hicks 24 minutes ago


  • Raino TV
    Raino TV an hour ago

    that is disgusting

    LIZARDON MEGA X 2 hours ago

    Sometimes I tell myself that these guys need to be on TV

  • Marcus Morris
    Marcus Morris 3 hours ago

    I said it than, I'll say it now. SOUR CREAM AND ONION CHIPS ARE DISGUSTING.

    ERI HYMA 3 hours ago


  • Molly Fields
    Molly Fields 4 hours ago

    Pretty sure the word that is the solid food equivalent of hydrated is satiated lol

  • Riptide99
    Riptide99 4 hours ago


  • Jade Bennette
    Jade Bennette 5 hours ago

    I actually did research on a certain type of spider that does have a milk-like substance they feed their young. So spider milk does exist, I guess.

  • Brady Walsh
    Brady Walsh 5 hours ago

    They are just making those shakes from wall-e.

  • Catalina Alvarez
    Catalina Alvarez 9 hours ago

    All I have to say is

  • Personna Newell
    Personna Newell 9 hours ago

    the word you were looking for is "nourished".

  • Mig Detabali
    Mig Detabali 10 hours ago


  • Oliver Smouha
    Oliver Smouha 12 hours ago

    squeeze the nutsack to get the breast milk

  • Otter Jackson - Zelda Monkey

    I got a milk ad before this 😂

  • Stupid Mermaid
    Stupid Mermaid 13 hours ago

    isn't the wood one just tea

  • Stupid Mermaid
    Stupid Mermaid 13 hours ago

    I haven't watched GMM in ages
    (if you don't know who my profile pic is of then you're insane)

  • TheGlitched64
    TheGlitched64 14 hours ago

    "2019; the year of the Twink!"
    Oh dear... XD

  • Liz Hen
    Liz Hen 15 hours ago

    Y'all should do "Will it cream cheese?" or "Will it bagel?" or both😂

  • Sue Bailey
    Sue Bailey 18 hours ago

    You guys are so brave to drink spider milk, I'd run a mile if I even see one.😯😁😨