• Published on:  9/13/2018
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  • Desno477 TV 10 months ago

    147 hours damn that's hard

  • Robot emoji :3 10 months ago


  • Insanity 10 months ago

    Impørter yup 100%

  • Insanity 10 months ago

    EVENT HAPPENDS AT : 44:55 or 27:07:50 depending on what kind of device you are watching this video from.PS : 4M views in total and 147 hours wow... Thanks guys for joining me on the journey! It honestly has been amazing seing all the new subscribers and having a very active chat. In the future very soon I will be playing with subscribers and continuing my livestreams! Love you all <3

  • Michael Schofield 10 months ago

    Instanity Gsy

  • PekoPlays 10 months ago

    Look on the bright side you got almost 300K subs

  • TheMistyvortx 10 months ago

    So I’m back I guess it’s done I also get pinned yay coz I gave u $8.00Dude your my idle best vid your amazing

  • Puff Productions 10 months ago

    maybe spelling Idol correctly would make more sense

  • PassyVoreX 10 months ago

    thats gonna take a while till the video is fully up oml XD surely longest stream ever on youtube.

  • gurjot dhillon 10 months ago


  • R.I.P in peperoni 10 months ago

    In Poland there was Half year stream

  • Braydon Greene 10 months ago

    Why doesn't it show that I've subscribed

  • BlackReaper 10 months ago

    Braydon Greene i think because he made 100.000 subs in one day and probably not the counter wasnt fast enough

  • The Shitposter 10 months ago

    Irx Bh it’s not twitch my name appeared

  • Tomás Calheiros 10 months ago

    youre saying that this event sucks and you were expecting more but I dont see any other game doing these thingsso ungrateful

  • VenomViper300 10 months ago

    140 but still

  • Nerdz Company 10 months ago

    FearFighter34 Ya But he waited for like 20 hours

  • PopKick 57377 10 months ago

    You're one of my favorite YouTubers and your homie experience fortnite events that I normally Miss but keep up the good work r.i.p loot lake

  • PopKick 57377 10 months ago

    OMG thx instanity your the best

  • MiNiSciuta MNS 10 months ago

    This cube was so hyped... such a disappointment hope something else happens season 6 is still not ever...

  • so lonly S 10 months ago

    @Spacer98 hi

  • so lonly S 10 months ago


  • Mr. Lightning 10 months ago

    Omg this is like a week video/ stream!