Absa Premiership 2018/19 | Kaizer Chiefs vs Orlando Pirates



  • Huna Ncha
    Huna Ncha 6 months ago+43

    Supersport you're not consistent, when it's Chiefs and Pirates you upload videos early...but you take a week to upload when it's other teams

  • kgotlelelo matsimele
    kgotlelelo matsimele 6 months ago+1

    billiat tackled mbekile from behind first south african referees are incompetent

  • Jabu Lamula#95
    Jabu Lamula#95 6 months ago+2

    This was the hottest derby ever

  • Kuda
    Kuda 6 months ago

    The only derby which lacks goals 🤦‍♂️

  • Dreamer K
    Dreamer K 6 months ago+1

    Thanks for uploading early.

  • Sister Nobby Nobbs
    Sister Nobby Nobbs 6 months ago

    Hanzi we will win by the bucs but wat a dream that never came true.They were like it will be 4-0

  • Rofhiwa Tshikonelo
    Rofhiwa Tshikonelo 6 months ago+4

    Other games you post highlights after 24hrs and this overhyped game you post its highlights an hr after the game.

  • Siyàbonga Zeleni
    Siyàbonga Zeleni 6 months ago+4

    y mobara don't play

  • kgotlelelo matsimele
    kgotlelelo matsimele 6 months ago+12

    initially billiat tackled mbekile from behind referee ruled play one then a soft hand held a penalty poor refeering

  • GG gaming
    GG gaming 6 months ago

    cardoso is the best cb in the world

  • Lyson Makuyana
    Lyson Makuyana 6 months ago+3

    Hoy can team delay time when it lead 1-0 thats useless

  • Say sotobe
    Say sotobe 6 months ago+5

    Lorch is the player of season

  • Lunga Malaza
    Lunga Malaza 5 months ago+1

    Wayne Sandilands is back

  • Gabzz YT
    Gabzz YT 6 months ago+2

    alguém br kkk🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 BRAZILL

  • Hongz Honwani
    Hongz Honwani 6 months ago+1

    Up the bucs 👊🏼👊🏼

  • kgotlelelo matsimele
    kgotlelelo matsimele 6 months ago

    billiat was held by mbekile but the gesture was sort of buying the referee a penalty though but he overratedbeing held

  • Brenton Appie
    Brenton Appie 6 months ago+2

    So billiat fouled a pirate player runs to the box got fouled there chiefs thought buying refs wil make them win games

  • tumelo gedion
    tumelo gedion 6 months ago+6

    Thnx for uploading early

  • Lavonia Duda
    Lavonia Duda 6 months ago

    Really liked the video. :D

  • Tyler Dladla
    Tyler Dladla 2 months ago

    Billiat guy wadlisa marn