Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself (Official Music Video)

  • Published on:  1/20/2016
  • Get Revival, out now: Sign up for updates: video by Selena Gomez performing Hands To Myself. (C) 2015 Interscope Records of Selena Gomez: here:


  • BenjiWasHere
    BenjiWasHere 3 years ago+1551

    ROBOT CHICKEN! like if u know what i mean:)

  • void loki
    void loki 1 months ago+1445

    can we all admit how gorgeous she looks here?

  • Fahri Alrajab
    Fahri Alrajab 14 days ago+459

    Who's listen in august 2019?

  • weirdo for selena
    weirdo for selena 2 months ago+1723

    crush : you need to stop stalking me
    me : i mean I could but why would I want to

  • Pengting Pop ‘em
    Pengting Pop ‘em 1 months ago+605

    Director: how many times do you want to picture that man naked?
    Selena: yes

  • Yerelin
    Yerelin 3 years ago+2744

    I used to be a fan.
    Now I am an air conditioner.

  • mary taite
    mary taite 1 months ago+509

    This girl is so naturally beautiful. No overdone make-up. She is a true role model.

  • Luane Gaudron
    Luane Gaudron 7 days ago+126

    Produceur: how much sexy do you want to be in this clip

    Selena : yes

  • Emil Geingob
    Emil Geingob 1 months ago+380

    Who is here in July 2019❤️❤️❤️

  • weirdo for selena
    weirdo for selena 2 months ago+106

    vote for your best line on this song :
    like : i mean i could but why would i want to
    comment : can't keep my hands to my self

  • Flash Félindra
    Flash Félindra 1 months ago+250

    2:42 the best moment of the song (for me)

  • River x
    River x 1 months ago+473

    Kylie Jenner could never.....
    Just be so naturally beautiful

  • jamieous
    jamieous 1 months ago+195

    I mean, like, if it were me and Selena was in my bedroom I wouldn't call the police-

  • S G
    S G 1 months ago+338

    2016: perfect ♥️
    2017: perfect ♥️
    2018: perfect ♥️
    2019: perfect ♥️
    2020: perfect ♥️
    2021: perfect ♥️
    2030 : perfect ♥️
    2050: perfect ♥️
    XD 👍🏻

  • hannah hussain
    hannah hussain 3 years ago+2378

    sis: "can you pass me the remote control?"
    me: "i mean i could but why would i want to" 💁🏽🏽😂😂

  • Gabriele Brunoro
    Gabriele Brunoro 1 months ago+289

    we are already in 2019 and still clinging to this song I love most of all wonderful

  • Fun zone
    Fun zone yesterday+8

    This is my fav song... I love it🔥💓

  • Shree Kunj
    Shree Kunj 1 months ago+206

    I just cannot stop staring at her smoky eyes...

  • Carly Vandersluys
    Carly Vandersluys 1 months ago+172

    My friend: it’s been 3 years you need to stop playing this song on repeat
    Me: 2:42

  • Cullen Reagan
    Cullen Reagan 3 years ago+1843

    If you listen really close you faintly hear Justin Bieber crying uncontrollably