Golden Globes 2013 Opening - Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

  • Published on:  1/14/2013


  • Asti Upiastirin 3 years ago

    "Quentin Tarantino is here. The star of all my sexual nightmares" LOL I hope both of them will host the oscar someday. they are hilarious!

  • Mariana B 2 days ago

    @Video Invader There was also a petition to bring him back to the U.S. which MANY celebrities signed.

  • Mariana B 2 days ago

    @Video Invader Roman Polanski and he raped and drugged a 13 year old girl got convicted then fled to France.

  • A Man Has No Name 2 years ago

    To be fair, that James Cameron joke was funny.

  • Steve Snider 4 days ago

    A Man Has No Name no, it was fucking hilarious 🤣

  • JAY’s Adventures 5 days ago

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  • they say beautiful faces of movies and rat faces of television, cuts to tarantino and sofia vergara...the irony

  • Hilary Russell 1 months ago

    What’s ironic is that the rat face is in films and the beautiful one is on TV

  • Catherine Campbell 3 months ago

    Also in movies they tend to do a lot of close ups and in TV they do more far away shots. So in TV it doesn't matter as much how your face looks as it does in movies.

  • michael n 3 years ago

    Nobody has "plans" to do porn

  • skuttytip 2 months ago

    @JaimeEskobar Oh yeah. ;)

  • Woowoo 2 months ago

    Best line of the whole opening. And there were some pretty good options.

  • Viktoreia 3 years ago

    Things that gave me life: That awkward smile celebs do when their names are mentioned and are awaiting roasting. The amount of side eye between celebs between roastings.

  • George Odembo 5 months ago

    Totally, that's like the face I make when people are singing me Happy Birthday lol

  • GigiDeRio 1 years ago

    That douche of Mel Gibson gave some maaaajor side eye lol

  • I love the expression on all the celebs faces when they are called out, you can almost audibly hear them saying " no no no no ohhhh please no"

  • Mike Williams 4 months ago

    The Noble and Mighty Beaver Oh yeah. A room full of celebrities all hoping the camera won't be on them!

  • alexjenaya 1 years ago

    The Noble and Mighty Beaver are

  • Varoon 3 years ago

    The Merryl Streep joke was the best one. She is an excellent actress but no one dares criticise her even when she over-acts in some movies

  • Alison Grace 23 days ago

    Jayjay Pan lol, Trump thinks if you exercise too much, you use up all your energy, He thinks that our bodies are like batteries. Maybe his body is. . .

  • MsLilpj 24 days ago

    @Prelestnost2 I agree. The internet idolises some actors/ actresses too much and it's gross.

  • Alistair Drennan 3 years ago

    Tina Fey's hair is amazing

  • Scott Davidson 2 months ago

    U must be a homo

  • Rosh Lepz 2 months ago


  • Angel Rincon 2 years ago

    This thing has damn near turned into a roast. lol

  • Margaux Antonio 2 months ago

    Tina fey award

  • Forrest Gabriel Cruz 5 months ago

    @T if this is tasteless? How about Gervais? 😂

  • ajbordallo 3 years ago

    "..rat face people..."*cuts to quentin*

  • Gel Groovy 4 months ago

    Tarantino doesn't work in TV. they cut to him because he gave his mate a fist bump over them roasting television.

  • G. L. 8 months ago