The World's Smallest Bluetooth Speaker



  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  6 months ago+488

    INSIQ Speaker (USA Link) -
    INSIQ Speaker (International) -

  • r/whoosh bait
    r/whoosh bait 6 months ago+1748

    Unboxing random things, just like the old Lew. No clickbait, great job. 👏 👏 👏

    HENRY THE RC CAR 6 months ago+184

    Great tiny speaker to use for pranks. 😏

  • Maimul
    Maimul 6 months ago+137

    Blu tut dewise konnected succesfullaeeee~

  • Gadgets Arise
    Gadgets Arise 6 months ago+192

    5:08 I saw the music name, yeah!

    KERALA VLOG 6 months ago+108

    It is rs3500 in India. that's lot of money for a small Bluetooth speaker 😅😑

  • Pran J
    Pran J 6 months ago+1050

    Ant-Man has entered the Chat

  • Edgar Renje
    Edgar Renje 21 days ago+8

    "It's somehow louder on the table" - resonance, bro, resonance...

  • Aidan Juma
    Aidan Juma 4 months ago+10

    Wouldn't the cheapest thing featured on the channel be the quarter? 😂😂👍

  • 24yrukdesigner
    24yrukdesigner 6 days ago+1

    It's basically a remote controlled, long distance, electronic whoopie cushion.

  • Ancient Mysteries & Modern Innovations

    13M subscribers?! Viva Canadá, am I right?

  • Sam Stark
    Sam Stark 6 months ago+451

    Hulk Uses That Speaker As Earphones

  • Sean C.
    Sean C. 6 months ago+11

    0:15 That's not a quarter Lew!
    That's some sort of Canadian Ruble 🤔

  • Lincoln Carvalho
    Lincoln Carvalho 6 months ago+70

    We should have an Unbox Therapy Music channel. Agree?

  • irokatcod4
    irokatcod4 6 months ago+13

    Uses OnePlus 6 for the headphone jack.
    Uses OnePlus 6T for the actual speaker demonstration.
    Watching this video on my OnePlus 6T

  • Luca Alfonzo Pellejero
    Luca Alfonzo Pellejero 6 months ago+30

    We need an unbox therapy PLAYLIST right now

  • Yousuf Akhtar
    Yousuf Akhtar 6 months ago+415

    Cheapest product at unbox therapy in 2019 so far

  • IceBearGames ._.
    IceBearGames ._. 4 months ago+4

    You can shove it in a RC sports car and drive it down the sidewalk lol

  • Rowyn Gaming official
    Rowyn Gaming official 6 months ago+1

    1:24 when your mom doesn’t bring home McDonalds 🤣

  • Anta MANtium
    Anta MANtium 6 months ago+1

    WOW. That's impressive.😳😳😳😳