J.Y. Park(박진영) "You're the one(너 뿐이야)" M/V



  • pandanichu
    pandanichu 3 years ago+2614

    sm: money is the best
    yg: my artists are the best
    jyp: I AM THE BEST!!
    no hate, i'm a fan of these companies haha

  • trevdpboi
    trevdpboi 3 years ago+1129

    he's the only boss i respect from the K pop industry. he walks the talk and shows all his artists the right way to do things, be it acting, singing or dancing. he manages them as he would manage himself. bravo JYP

  • Jidam Lee
    Jidam Lee 5 years ago+785

    JYP looks a bit like a Korean Gordon Ramsey x)

  • dharsh_kwon
    dharsh_kwon 5 years ago+478

    this song was actually for his wife...
    so sweet~

  • guriyya
    guriyya 5 years ago+274

    I love this guy so much..I love how he does whats he likes and doesn't care that he hasnt got the biggest fan base and doesnt care people saying he is old n should stop singing. .he is awesome

  • 우지호
    우지호  2 years ago+215

    진짜 몇 년이 지났는데 노래 하나는 끝내주게 좋다 미쳤다ㆍㆍㆍ

  • L.M.L.K
    L.M.L.K 4 years ago+166

    JYP is the only man in his forties (that I've seen) who can rock a pink suit and calf high white socks. :) He really is daebaek!

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia a years ago+118

    JYP got me shook, I don't know why but I'm really digging his music

  • 성원
    성원 4 months ago+68

    2019년 보고있는사람 손

  • Shohibul Buroqi
    Shohibul Buroqi 7 months ago+95


  • meischoice
    meischoice 5 years ago+215

    I really like the leg swinging dance move.

  • 돼냥이
    돼냥이 11 months ago+177

    대형 기획사 수장 중 유일한 현역... 정말 60살까지 무대에서 날 떠나지마 안무하면서 노래 할거 같음

  • silvi p
    silvi p 5 years ago+161

    this song is too under estimated when it came out.
    soo silky love song. makes me keep watching over and over again.

  • cuteanime96
    cuteanime96 4 years ago+195

    Really? This song only has 1 million views?
    What the heck! I really like this song!
    Sad.. I wish this had more views.

  • 職人雪だるま
    職人雪だるま a years ago+76

    진짜 이양반 춤 진짜 잘춘다...아이돌한테선 못느끼는 스웩?같은게 있는거같음

  • Marylyn Mau
    Marylyn Mau 2 years ago+178

    i start to like him when he played as the teacher n dream high. never know he is someone that really respected in entertainment. but, come here because of the sister slam dunk! ohhhhh....his English intonation is sharp

  • 하은
    하은 7 months ago+75

    2019년에 듣고 있는 사람 손!!

  • 째이
    째이 a years ago+246

    2018년도에 보고있는분 댓글 꾸〰욱

  • Joyanne Almario
    Joyanne Almario 5 years ago+44

    his the owner of JYPENT.? he already handled some kpop idols no wonder why those kpop idol on his hand are good in singing and dancing.

  • • Dan • F
    • Dan • F yesterday

    I love you JYP ~~~ 737❤ xdxd ok no