Reverse Pictionary?!

  • Published on:  5/15/2019
  • So we created a "new show" Reverse Pictionary! Leave a comment and tell us what you think about it!Order my new energy drink, Ninja Melk - my book "how to write good" Store Channel - - - - us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105


  • Maddie Carney
    Maddie Carney 3 months ago+2302

    answer: pacos feet
    guess 1: pacos toe
    guess 2: pacos toes
    guess 3: pacos right toe
    guess 4: pacos right and left foot
    guess 5: pacos feet

  • s ♡
    s ♡ 3 months ago+1153

    ryan: hard mode!! i’m making a hard one rn
    also ryan: pacos toe? toes?? right toes???

  • Ally O
    Ally O 3 months ago+830

    Ryan: put this game on hard mode this is too easy
    Ryan a minute later: I give up I don't like this game anymore

  • 민아
    민아 3 months ago+968

    Ryan: can't wait 'til I'm the first one drawing
    also Ryan: draws a mutant torch getting sucked into a black hole

  • Sidharth Sajan
    Sidharth Sajan 3 months ago+6532

    Dear Ryan will you bring back "Cooking But Not Really"?

  • DDM 09871
    DDM 09871 2 months ago+277

    No One:
    Literally No One:
    Ryan: Bacon-wrapped asparagus

  • Phoebe Li
    Phoebe Li 3 months ago+283

    I'm pretty sure their minds are all connected on a spiritual level

  • torian bunn
    torian bunn 1 months ago+47

    daina is an absolute legend for getting sexy potato out of that train wreck 😂

  • Muikkinen
    Muikkinen 3 months ago+201

    Will robbing a bank: "NOBODY MOVE, I HAVE A GAN!!!!"

  • Ethan K
    Ethan K 3 months ago+5475

    If we watch this video in reverse, does that make it normal Pictionary?

  • Vicky Charles
    Vicky Charles 3 months ago+307

    skip to
    1:03 - 3:39
    4:08 - 4:45
    5:03 - 5:43
    6:02 - 8:38
    and 8:57
    if you feel like you wanna try guessing with the RHPC without knowing the answer

  • Asha Seth
    Asha Seth 2 months ago+55

    For a moment i was like "it's Sean's turn next". Then i was sad.

  • Dora the Beanz
    Dora the Beanz 2 months ago+126

    No one:
    Ryan and everybody else: CLOOOOOOSSEEEE

  • SS Shadow
    SS Shadow 3 months ago+74

    RHPC: C L O S E

  • horsez4eva18
    horsez4eva18 3 months ago+196

    I have never yelled 'FEET!!' so intense in my life...geez Ryan 😔

  • Pearl Patricio
    Pearl Patricio 3 months ago+36

    This whole video summed up in one word: "CLOOOSE"

  • Ryan Yeet
    Ryan Yeet 2 months ago+59

    Ryan: takes five tries to figure out its feet
    Also Ryan: Why is it on EaSY ModE?

  • Rafandita Arvan
    Rafandita Arvan 3 months ago+82

    *will writes ‘Ga’*
    “That’s not how you spell gun dude”

  • yellowpaco
    yellowpaco 3 months ago+2999


  • Mad Du
    Mad Du 3 months ago+132

    Honestly I like this much more than doing challenges.
    This is more creative and it actually feels like they’re all having fun instead of doing stupid shit for the views.
    Keep it up guys, hope to see more inventive games.😂👍🏻