Game Grumps Does Medieval Times (Special Episode!) - Ten Minute Power Hour

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • yoshidawg50
    yoshidawg50 11 months ago+6342

    I love how the guys from medieval times are used to working with young children, so they’re perfectly geared to handle Arin and Dan

  • odreydar
    odreydar 7 months ago+1663

    ''I could totally kill someone with this!''
    ''Dude, you should!''
    true friendship

  • Exavain
    Exavain 6 months ago+1697

    "step forward"
    "EAT IT DAD"
    "step forward"
    "step forward"
    "my knees hurt"

  • Kidosnook
    Kidosnook 8 months ago+2726

    Queen: "Welcome my Lords, please make your way down."
    Danny, like a civilized human being: "Gladly."
    Arin...just Arin: "yEs mA'aM!!" 2:14

  • Sandelion
    Sandelion 3 months ago+621

    I was not expecting jacksepticeye to be here and was caught so off guard by this that I choked.

  • Queen Halalie
    Queen Halalie 11 months ago+762

    "does she have a king?"
    "She does not."
    "could be me"
    camera swings around to suzy
    "what happened?"

  • maybetitus
    maybetitus 8 months ago+727

    "It's not an easy task to handle. It requires honor, chivalry, and above all, strength. Think you can handle it?"
    "Yeah, probably."
    That shit is so funny to me. I don't know why.

  • Roses and Sunflowers
    Roses and Sunflowers 3 months ago+383

    I’m not over Dans battle cries
    “who’s hungry?”
    “eat it dad!”
    “my knees hurt!”
    “somethin in my shoe!”

  • Oracle
    Oracle 7 months ago+368

    Dan needs to be added to smash and his battlecrys in this vid would be his attack sounds

  • Felipe's Unpro gaming
    Felipe's Unpro gaming 8 months ago+652

    who else sees the blue knight as a fusion of arin and dan? XD

  • Gabriel Jones
    Gabriel Jones 8 months ago+682

    Danny: "sshhink"
    Arin: "pbbschhwsh"

  • Nocturne22
    Nocturne22 2 months ago+197

    Danny and Arin are 6'2, so how tall must that head knight be if he's standing a head over them??

  • Benjamin Marshall
    Benjamin Marshall 7 months ago+459

    Knight: “Your highness, how did they do?”
    Queen: “They did pretty well in my expectations I believe...”

  • Jerry From The Block
    Jerry From The Block 4 months ago+170

    how do you grade yourself?
    Arin: super duper
    dan: very medieval arin.
    yeah but 'a+' is more medieval? lol

  • MagicMines 757
    MagicMines 757 11 months ago+1976

    Instructor: “I don’t know, she’s a strong independent woman.”
    Dan: “So am I.”

  • H. Bladf
    H. Bladf 7 months ago+499

    Dunno if it was a mistake but when the Queen knighted Dan of his realm, while Arin was knighted in her realm.

  • Katie Bridges
    Katie Bridges 7 months ago+173

    "Well today is your lucky KNIGHT!" ahahaHAHAHAhahaHAha
    also hey jack is here cool

  • harshbrownhive :]
    harshbrownhive :] 2 months ago+145

    'on guard'
    dan: u-uuh--du er loOK OUT
    'step and head strike'
    dan: EAT IT DAD
    'leg strike'
    'shoulder strike'
    dan: FOR JUSTICE
    'head strike'
    dan: MY KNEES HURT
    'leg strike'
    arin: . . . stahp :(
    dan: SHOULDERS

  • Simply The Best
    Simply The Best 7 months ago+122

    “This is murder on my testicals” Ross’s face lites up

  • chalk salt
    chalk salt 10 months ago+3633

    I love watching normal human beings react to Dan and Arin. Like they seem at a loss for what to do.