I'm Switching To The Google Pixel 3 XL...



  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  10 months ago+4531

    Is the notch a deal breaker for you?

  • Taikamuna
    Taikamuna 10 months ago+3499

    This dude changes his phone like twice a week...

  • Synikal
    Synikal 9 months ago+339

    Bro, you need to change your channel name to Talking Therapy

  • Digital Apex
    Digital Apex 5 months ago+149

    This phone has the best camera on the market.
    “But... the notch.”
    This phone has easily 5+ hours of screen on time battery life. And the software implemented rivals competition in the market.
    The phone can extract data off your old phone like old pictures, contacts, app settings, and even has wireless charging and screens calls for you.
    This phone can turn into a jet, fly you to your own private island, and give you a blowjob.
    “NoTcH. REEEeEEEeeeE”
    They got rid of it.
    “... HeAdPhOnE jAcK ReeEeEEE”

  • harshal dawale
    harshal dawale 10 months ago+381

    After few days new video be like
    Don't buy this phone

  • 嘻
     9 months ago+155

    "Google Pixel 3 XL review coming soon."
    One month later...
    "Hey, let's look at the surface pro laptop"

  • Tidus Jecht
    Tidus Jecht 10 months ago+530

    These videos are getting really boring, stating that you’re switching to another smartphone every week is not much of substance for a video.

  • Sota Maehara
    Sota Maehara 9 months ago+196

    Can you tell Google to improve the mic quality?

  • DolanxAri xoxo
    DolanxAri xoxo 3 days ago+1

    It’s funny how the thumbnail and the title is so dramatic

  • W. Andrew Powell
    W. Andrew Powell 9 months ago+53

    Great review. I can't imagine why the notch is such a big deal to some users.

  • Ibrahim Almomani
    Ibrahim Almomani 9 months ago+58

    you've been 4 weeks since you switched to this device, so What's your thoughts about it ?

  • Abdulbosit Soliev
    Abdulbosit Soliev 10 months ago+823

    Whenever I change my underwear Lew is switching phones

  • inoc34
    inoc34 2 months ago+1

    6:10 lots of talk, nothing said...

  • Krogen
    Krogen 7 months ago+58

    Dude where is that pixel 3 review???

  • box4aza
    box4aza 9 months ago+65

    Hi Lewis! when we will get a full review of Pixel 3 XL?

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez 3 months ago

    i've had a few google phones in the past, and based on my experience after couple of years, they all stop working, either battery problems, or boot loop issues. Don't buy Google phones, you've been warned.

  • hyper pulse
    hyper pulse 10 months ago+523

    coming right up :
    1) My google pixel is doing something weird
    2) there's a problem with Google pixel...
    3) new smartphone review/any fancy stuff..

  • Molly Unsworth
    Molly Unsworth 9 months ago+29

    Got tired of waiting on you to post your review after using it as daily driver phone. Went and bought one. Was so easy to switch from IOS. No regrets so far! Please hurry up with your update tho 🥰

  • Leah Vaidian
    Leah Vaidian 8 months ago+1

    Yes I understand the garbage you’re talking about I had a 5s and recently got my dad’s old 6s which barely works

  • Doom Bringer
    Doom Bringer 5 months ago+4

    " just need to say it's a good phone I got to get that out there". You say that every video lmaooo