Meanwhile... Queen Elizabeth's Swanky Escape Plan

  • Published on:  2/9/2019
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  • Jimbo Deathgrip 5 months ago

    I hope the hotel is ready for the wurst case scenario

  • @Dannan Tavona sorry, i´m a bit confused right now.... you want to know if your translation is correct ? it is. if there´s a joke in your comment i don´t get it

  • Mylie Wells 5 months ago

    🥨🥨🥨 *WAN2T ME? LO1OK, I MASTB*ATE NAK9ED,снеск7 VID5еО.* 👗

  • ForeverMe543 5 months ago

    “Oh, Hitler! I believe you dropped this 🖕🏻”Her exact response to trump as well

  • Sean Urbik 1 months ago

    @germanvisitor2 i believe the asshole was trying to do a "WHAT ABOUT THIS?!" arguement (although failing miserably) and inviting OP to tell more jokes with the veiled threat of... some sort of reprisal.

  • germanvisitor2 1 months ago

    _"I wonder what would happen if the milatary was caught removing a federally, government and constitutional gun store by none other then low level milatary. I LOVE LISTENING TO MORE HITLER JOKES. PLEASE TELL SOME MORE."_Can someone translate that into English? I am curious what it means.

  • veryverte 5 months ago

    They put more thought into the Queen's escape plan than the actual Brexit plan... and they're both equally bad.

  • hawkeye5955 5 months ago

    @Lilac Lizard : This is why I admire the Scots. :)

  • Adam Pick 5 months ago

    @MT Yankin This is just the cold war plan for evacuation in case of nuclear war, "Operation Candid". They are supposed to hide their ship inbetween those isles, to not be hit by an airstrike or nuclear blast.

  • TheCstar07 5 months ago

    Lol that's one tough woman, she'll probably outlive everyone currently in line for the throne

  • Ben Schneppensiefen 15 days ago

    @T Mox there is a video about that :How much the queen costs the Tax payer" or something like this.Long story shortThey have a lot of land and all money earned from these lands(300 million pound or so" go to the state in exchange the royal family gets a rent of 120 million.And do not forget all the tourism money

  • Harmony Jones 4 months ago

    I saw a video in my recommendations not that long ago actually, the title of which: "What Will Actually Happen When the British Queen Dies". That wasn't the exact title but it was certainly along those lines. I'm not sure everyone shares your optimism, Cstar :)

  • Benzaiten 5 months ago

    I hope those art experts replace all the priceless paintings on yachts with fakes and deposit the real ones in ppl really are careless jerks.

  • crin28 1 months ago

    Right? Housing an original famous painting on something that is one hole away from sinking into the ocean is asinine. Worse though, it seems to trivialize the cultural significance of both the artist and the painting.

  • hillbilly bmx 5 months ago

    @AHM you need to be dead first.... then the price goes up IT IS A GAME!

  • Isay 5 months ago

    As a German... I wanna stay at the sausage hotel, don't judge me

  • Toschi worlds 1 months ago

    Tigran Abgarjan Klingt gut

  • Wayne E Draper 1 months ago

    Sorry having been in Germany during pride, I thought it was euphemism. My wurst oops.

  • keepdancingmaria 5 months ago

    "You DAB. It's Pointillism!" I'm dying.

  • Dale Hauk 5 months ago

    I dab do you dab

  • B Kat 5 months ago

    Lmao same, especially since I do art hahaha

  • jenpenn22 5 months ago

    That story about the art is the kind of story that started the French revolution.

  • Cci Cane 3 months ago

    Cake = crumbs in that context. People complained of starving, she said let them eat crumbs

  • Fardous Ahmed 4 months ago

    This is an underrated comment

  • Milkey_Way1970 5 months ago

    Oh Adolph I Believe you Dropped this.

  • John Rider 5 months ago

    "You dab darling, it's pointillism." so freaking awewsome! lol