ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" M/V | Great Debut Song | Reaction!!!

  • Published on:  2/11/2019
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  • EunTzu Shipper 5 months ago

    I’m early.. Dalla in korean means different.

  • denise 1 months ago

    @White Wiz*Jipoo LOL

  • Tara Lamixane 2 months ago

    I thought dala means different

  • babystay egi 5 months ago

    Bris that's the same tunnel as :Monsta x - DramaramaBig bang - Bang bang bangStray kids - My pace2NE1 - Come back homeSNSD- You thinkBTS - RunGFriend - Sunrise

  • Fairy Li 4 days ago

    Pfft hahahaha!!!

  • CaRaT ! 13 days ago

    I knew it! That tunnel is so familiar to me. Well, its a special tunnel

  • Junior Assamba 5 months ago

    Im not going to lie their debut song was lit

  • Grecia 5 months ago

    thank god its Friday! Honestly I was a sheep and didn’t like it but after watching their stage performances, they in fact DID snap necks with their debut I’m kinda obsessed lmao

  • Niven42 5 months ago

    I think the fandom should be called Bitzys. And the haters are Spiders.

  • Aryana Wright 19 days ago

    omg lmfaooo

  • Sha-nekwa Isaac 1 months ago

    Spiders 😂😂

  • Jade Almonte 5 months ago

    Lol two of the girls were actually main girls in the highlight reel for BTS

  • LoveYourself Answer 28 days ago

    @Taebae Turnsup I'm laughing so hard oh my godd 😂

  • Aries fufo 4 months ago

    @Taebae Turnsup just choke me....LOLOLOL

  • HOME 5 months ago

    That Tunnel was used for: BigBang-Bang bang bangBTS-Run ITZY-Dalla Dalla Monsta X:Dramarama Idk maybe more groups (a very very famous tunnel)

  • Jane Mina 2 months ago

    2ne1 come back home hihihi

  • Jasmine Montgomery 4 months ago

    Loona (Yves) - New

  • squishy mochi 5 months ago

    I saw "DALLA DALLA" and started singing "GO GO" yOlO yOlO yO

  • Kim Long 4 months ago

    squishy mochi I’m not BTS fan but I know what u mean 😂😂

  • B.T.S Army 4 months ago

    Same lmao😂😂🤣🤣

  • Destiny Simon 5 months ago

    Its a crown bris, not antlers 💀Edit: oop 👀💜

  • Love Yourself 5 months ago

    Fun Fact about them two members were in the BTS highlight. The one that starts the song was with JIMIN and J-Hope in the dancing studio and another one (I forgot who) was with Jungkook in the hospital

  • With Jimin and Jhope is Ryujin and For Yuna with Jungkook, ........ don't forget Taehyung is jealous #Vkook

  • damnjoon 4 months ago

    ryujin and yuna?

  • Blackpinkblink Fam 5 months ago

    “Ooo she look like a cat” I died 😂😂 good reaction! React to rosé eyes closed cover by Halsey she dropped it on her birthday, u can find it on their official YouTube page