I Didn't Eat Anything for 5 Days... This is what happened

  • Published on:  11/29/2018
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  8 months ago+3197

    Hope you enjoy seeing Matt going through this insane mental and physical journey.. For those who are interested, https://www.seekdiscomfort.com/ is still available for a few more weeks. Much love!

  • mundhir abdirahman
    mundhir abdirahman 8 months ago+17102

    I dare you to travel to Africa and feed 200 homeless people for a day
    Like if you agree.
    Btw I live in Africa, specifically Kenya. Tnxs for the Likes
    11K? Can't believe this. The highest likes I ever got was 3.7K. Thank you guys, hope yes theory will see this.

  • ToastedPiplup
    ToastedPiplup 4 months ago+3305

    I once fasted for 13 hours
    It was because of sleeping

  • regular everyday normal motherfu**er

    I am a college student , I do this every like 2 months

  • Elena
    Elena 1 months ago+572

    I love how this wasn't centered around the physical effects like his weight or his body but rather his mindset and mentality

  • Himperdoy
    Himperdoy 5 months ago+1926

    Mom: Its time for dinner
    Matt: Wait! Just 5 more days

  • Ania Dymnicki
    Ania Dymnicki 8 months ago+4255

    I dare you guys to feed at least 200 homeless people in a day.
    Like this if you guys agree.

  • Frankie Randall
    Frankie Randall 5 months ago+1626

    I did this to but except having the water i just had cocaine for 4 days

  • Red Oni Productions
    Red Oni Productions 2 months ago+591

    ....Im gonna try this on my own without supervision.

  • Sophie Motruk
    Sophie Motruk 2 months ago+293


  • latw
    latw 1 months ago+398

    I went five days in Minecraft without food easily, what a noob

  • Abinash Pathak
    Abinash Pathak 1 months ago+207

    One question : during this 5 days did u poop tho?

  • someone
    someone 1 months ago+115

    hah... that's funny. I ate 30 minutes ago and I'm already hungry

  • Eddie Laubach
    Eddie Laubach 6 days ago+10

    I genuinely get dizzy if I miss a meal idk how you're mentally stable

  • Arkin
    Arkin 4 months ago+255

    *laughs in bulimia*

  • Steven
    Steven 8 months ago+2803

    A typical broke college students week tbh

    Bao TRAN MINH 1 months ago+81

    lol, that's me a week before salary, every month.

  • Moonfairy's Child
    Moonfairy's Child 1 months ago+58

    No one:
    Matt: I'm essentially becoming the king of the world

  • Fia Flora
    Fia Flora 1 months ago+80

    Why does Matt kinda look like Doctor Mike. Like is it just me or...? 😂
    Edit- He also totally sounds like Doctor Mike too lmao. I know it can’t just be me.

  • Josh Hartigan
    Josh Hartigan 2 days ago

    ive gone almost 4 days without eating but i was on drugs!