• Published on:  9/10/2018
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  • isaiah adams 9 months ago

    who would win in 1v1like for:cashcomment:flight

  • assassin4yoazz 3 months ago

    They all ready did

  • Rixhytj __ 9 months ago

    4:39 flight disconnected6:33 cpu flight disconnected 😭8:39 flight have been banned 🤣

  • Op Combos 13 days ago

    @Destiny June no you're not didn't even giggle

  • Gabriel Leyva 13 days ago


  • Its Livi Boo 9 months ago

    The way McQueen was laughing 😂🙌🏽

  • Russell Westbrook 11 days ago

    Damian Lillard The Goat Stfu it’s past Dames BED Time 🤣that nigga is AASSSS

  • Russell Westbrook you’re a Westbrook fan your opinion don’t matter

  • TheBest 678 9 months ago

    6:33 *FLIGHT* has got knocked out by a fall(2m)

  • Seahawk Nation 6 months ago

    TheBest 678 for real tho 😂

  • Nahh he skatingg😂😂🤣

  • Kenedi Dixon 9 months ago

    Not trying to be mean but you need basketball lessons

  • Felipe's Vlogs 3 months ago

    Kenedi Dixon be mean that boy hit a jumper only in the best dream ever not even regular ones he could bc that’s how bad it is

  • Asian_Boy77 6 months ago

    Kenedi Dixon lol 😂

  • KINGSHOTTAH442 9 months ago

    2k should hit up fLight for ankle breaker animations

  • Some guy 9 months ago

    He scored one bucket and bone collector broke his takeover badge. 😭

  • Spence B 9 months ago

    W comment lmfao

  • 4:38 lmao the laugh 😂😂

  • tysheem Hood 5 months ago


  • Joshua Roe 8 months ago

    Cuz it's so disrespectful and funny

  • Ltre Rogers 9 months ago

    Dang flight he had u twerking on the floor and made u kiss the wall and the ball like a stripper

  • Roderick Afriyie 4 months ago

    Ltre Rogers 😂😂

  • Sun Set 5 months ago


  • javon james 9 months ago

    He did flight wrong 11:42🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Roderick Afriyie 4 months ago

    javon james didn’t I see u in another vid?

  • Tu Mama 9 months ago

    Are we jus going to ignore the fact that the kid in the background at 8:39 did a rainbow with a basketball ( overhead kick ) 😂😤

  • J Bustback 18 hours ago

    Anybody can do that shit my nigga

  • Leo Lim cover 28 days ago

    He almost made that into the basket too lmfao