70th Emmy Awards: The history of the Emmy Statue with Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen teach you the history of the Emmy statue.


  • olivia rose 9 months ago

    That “you good” got me every time lol

  • Franchesca Ortega 9 months ago

    You good?

  • fuck off 9 months ago

    maya and fred was funny but the hosts just fall flatt

  • Countfoscolikesmice 9 months ago

    Jost and Che just have ZERO chemistry.

  • ilovefood 9 months ago

    they usually do. just here there’s something off

  • jenni 9 months ago

    If they were trying to make this show as cringy and unfunny as possible, I think they hit the nail right on the head.

  • Mark Silverman 9 months ago

    "Her famous ball of ribbons?" She could not come up with anything funnier than that?

  • AbyssGnasher 9 months ago

    "I always wondered about the statue itself" took the words right outta my mouth.

  • Swapnil Batle 9 months ago

    She's holding the armilla from the Game of thrones title sequence. You're welcome.

  • Ahmad Karim 9 months ago

    This was painful to watch, especially that both are two amazing comedians.

  • Ahmad Karim 9 months ago

    @James Rourke Maybe the price was right, lol

  • James Rourke 9 months ago

    Amazing is a pretty big stretch. I'm not sure how any good comedian would agree to participate in whatever this is.

  • Ogie Cruz 9 months ago

    Wish they don't do those corny crappy jokes no more

  • New Message 9 months ago

    Mrs. Johnson has some serious shoulder blades.

  • Anthony LiPira 9 months ago

    That's a better joke than anything in the video.