Food Chain Fishing Challenge - Tiny Fish to Giant Fish

  • Published on:  8/28/2018
  • In this episode, Veloce and I started fishing with bare hooks, catching tiny fish and using them for bait to catch giant fish in the Food Chain Fishing Challenge! We tied a sabiki rig to a light rod on a 3000 size reel, threw it out and within seconds V pulled up a string of threadfin! We proceeded to catch around 30 more baits before we decided to move on to the next step in the food chain. Now that we had our baitfish we could throw them out for our next predator, the Bonito. Veloce hooked his first one of the day within minutes and it was a solid one! We threw it in the ice and decided to catch a few more. While V was playing with the baits, I hooked up onto another really nice bonito! It fought me all the way to the back of the boat, and as the fish began to come up, we caught a glance at the next predator, who then ate the bonito. So it was time for the next step. I pulled out the handline, grabbed our bonito, and told V all the rules to catching these giant fish. He said let's do it, and I dropped the dead bonito down to the bottom. After a few good thumps, we finally get an eat! Veloce, Kris and I pulled on it with all our strength! When the fish began to rise up, V saw that he had just pulled in a Goliath Grouper! We proceeded to get the hook out, and as I sent it down, he took my glove with it! After the humor of watching Carl and Carl Seniors attempt to handline a Goliath, we decided to wrap up the day due to thunderstorms moving in and stronger winds. Veloce and I had an outstanding day and accomplished the goal we set out to accomplish, to start out with bare hooks move up the Food Chain of the ocean!

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  • Kypros Sofroniou (Sep 1, 2018)

    Hey man !!! Thanks for shearing your video !My son he is coming fishing with me because of this video ! Big thanks to V ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Stephen Atkinson (Feb 16, 2019)

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  • BlacktipH (Aug 28, 2018)

    Was it a giant or a monster? 🤔

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  • michael lawton (Aug 28, 2018)

    Give a boy a fish, he eats for a day... Teach a boy to fish he needs rods, reels, line, bait, tackle, rigs, medium duty gear, heavy duty gear, fish finder, chartplotter, coast guard radio, 125hp outboard motor, mercusier, inboard outboard, boat, cooler, ice, gas money and drinks!

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  • PetBeard (Aug 28, 2018)

    I tried to do this in lake Ontario. You know, catch a goby, use it to catch a walleye or something. *I caught a goby with a goby.* Stupid invasive species.

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  • SENNE (Sep 3, 2018)

    The kid doesnt look like he is having fun tbh

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    He does not fully understand this

  • Stephen Atkinson (Feb 15, 2019)

    Zachary Shott rude much.

  • Viva Frei (Aug 29, 2018)

    Can you explain to the layperson why the bait fish eat a bare hook? I’ve never understood that...

  • jd hrg (Jan 15, 2019)

    It's called a sabikui rig it has a colored dot and sometimes a little flag that bait fish will eat

  • Sam Wood (Dec 31, 2018)

    Carp will often eat your float (bobber for you Yanks)

  • Jaren (Aug 28, 2018)

    Fun fact the kids dad is extremely rich and is a car collector

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    But the kid is a retarted

  • utexpressgirl (Aug 28, 2018)

    We are studying food chains/webs in my middle school science class right now. I will be showing this video to my students just for fun. Thanks for sharing this video!

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