Top 10 Best Anna Kendrick Moments

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
  • Top 10 Best Anna Kendrick Moments // Subscribe: Kendrick is one of the funniest ladies out there! For this topic, we’re singing the praises of America’s ballsiest sweetheart, exploring those funny and heartwarming moments that make her unforgettable. We’ve included moments like her lip sync battle, egg russian roulette with Jimmy Fallon, toy shop prank call with Justine Timberlake and more! Want to watch more celeb moments videos? Watch below:Top 10 Funniest Emilia Clarke Moments: 10 Hilarious Tiffany Haddish Moments: 10 Awesome Kristen Bell Moments:'s Social Media: Facebook►► Twitter►►►► Snapchat ►► MsMojo Merchandise at is a leading producer of reference online video content of Top 10 Lists, Origins, Biographies, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.


  • Madison Bibbs
    Madison Bibbs 11 months ago+604

    I’m a simple girl. I see Anna Kendrick , I click.

  • Brianna Lee
    Brianna Lee 10 months ago+107

    As a huge Little Mermaid fan, I wouldn't mind if she played Ariel in the live action movie.

  • Chelsea Canales
    Chelsea Canales 11 months ago+312

    Anna is so adorable; she is talent actress, and an beautiful singer

  • ari3lz3pp3lin
    ari3lz3pp3lin 10 months ago+68

    She donated to EVERY SCHOOL IN MAINE! She's not worth as much as many celebrities/business men that do way less. I bet she does this stuff a lot. She seems to genuinely give a crap about helping others.

  • dani williams
    dani williams 11 months ago+202

    i love Anna Kendrick she's beautiful, very hilarious and very funny :-)

  • darthstarkiller1912
    darthstarkiller1912 11 months ago+81

    She was great as Cinderella in "Into the Woods"

  • Blake Jones
    Blake Jones 11 months ago+139

    She is my celebrity crush.

  • Ann Elizabeth
    Ann Elizabeth 11 months ago+66

    For a solid three seconds I thought the Kristen Stewart impression was actually Kristen Stewart

  • Bluestars
    Bluestars 10 months ago+37

    That was by far the best Mojo video I have ever seen! 😎

  • ari3lz3pp3lin
    ari3lz3pp3lin 10 months ago+30

    What she says about being nice is WONDERFUL. I cringe when I've told my own little girl to "be nice" because I was raised that way and I really was a people-pleaser push-over for too long and still have that tendency to apologize when people blatantly shove past me &c. It's ridiculous, I want my child to be kind for sure but only when it's warranted, if someone crosses a line you don't need to be nice to them. Same thing goes for anyone who's had to try ABA services for their child, it's dangerous to teach too much compliance.
    Comparing groups of people that were taught mainly the people-pleasing "be nice" no matter what method VS the groups of people that were taught to be more aggressive or to DGAF ...the second group is entitled to the other group of people who grew up handing over all their toys to the bully for the sake of "being nice", making it easy to reinforce the bully behaviors. Both extremes are wrong. Idk if Anna Kendrick has children yet but I think she would be a great mom.

  • timothyfloogle
    timothyfloogle 11 months ago+33

    she's like a teeny Tina fey

  • Stacey y sus Pollitos
    Stacey y sus Pollitos 11 months ago+57

    I am so obsessed with her 😭

  • N ina
    N ina 11 months ago+24

    Amazing video idea! Anna is amazing! I generally agree with all of the picks, but I think "Soundtrack to a Love Story" with James Corden is missisng. It's both hilarious and showing her talent.
    But once again, thank you for the great video! Those 12 minutes were well spent ;)

  • Thatswhatilike
    Thatswhatilike 11 months ago+31

    She is great, she reminds me so much of Tina Fey!!

  • Cammy in the Kitchen
    Cammy in the Kitchen 11 months ago+92


  • Eduardo Rios
    Eduardo Rios 11 months ago+31

    Anna always struck me as like very funny and go-with-the-flow. She is so magnetic. Can't wait to see "A Simple Favor"

  • Evelyn Eve
    Evelyn Eve 11 months ago+31

    I love everything about her...she sing,funny,beauty and she can acting😂😂..she can do everything 😉

  • Beth Miner
    Beth Miner 11 months ago+15

    My girl grandkids think I talk way to much about her!♡

  • Tracy Lo
    Tracy Lo 11 months ago+27

    Love Anna Kendrick! She's hilarious, weird, and beautiful! The perfect combination!

  • courtnry salamone
    courtnry salamone 2 days ago

    I love how the first sentence was "though she be little...." I died