21 Savage - a lot ft. J. Cole



  • Ameen (Feb 1, 2019)

    How many times am gonna listen to this song ? *A Lot*

  • Universal Gemini (26 minutes ago)

    Fr. Good song. Real shit.

  • Miosotis Mata (31 minutes ago)


  • Amine (23 hours ago)

    How many times I came here? *A Lot.*

  • Oh yeah yeah (1 hour ago)

    The J cole verse is the only good thing about this song

  • ShruggedHook 9 (1 hour ago)

    +Raman no u

  • Zonity (1 day ago)

    Who’s here before 100 Million views👇🏼Like this

  • Yk_vezvez YT (10 minutes ago)

    Zonity meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  • JP GameZ (23 minutes ago)

    A Lot

  • Crushed Ice Rap (1 day ago)

    *The song works so well with that video!*21 is always a big inspiration for me as a young rapper!*Have a nice day to all of you fam!*

  • Humble1 (1 hour ago)

    +Federal Bureau Investigation Whats 69 gonna look like?

  • kingpin 0427 fuck off, go make better music then

  • Alan Sweeney (1 day ago)

    How may “a lot” jokes have I seen in the comments...A large amount.

  • Seán Duffy (3 minutes ago)

    A large percentage

  • Alex M (1 hour ago)

    A big chungus

  • Dylan Hogan (Feb 1, 2019)

    Not gonna lie, 21 Savage really surprised me with this one... Both killed it

  • S. Sole (3 hours ago)

    One day I'll make a song this lit

  • Adrian Hill (6 hours ago)

    Honestly song would have been better without 21 Savage elementary flow. Like song though.

  • Queen Anthonett (1 day ago)

    I only heard this song once and im like this my new song

  • Sha (1 hour ago)

    Would you mind listening to my freestyle over it if you get a minute? I swear it's quality

  • kill yourself (15 hours ago)

    How many times have 6ix 9ine snitched. ALOT

  • TRISTAN RANDLE (4 minutes ago)

    i was the 69th like dont like anymore bitches

  • sebastian 909 (2 hours ago)

    For real

  • Justin Jaglal (1 day ago)

    Why everyone hating on J Cole he made this song 10x better

  • Not Royal Skyline (1 hour ago)

    Francisci Hernandez because of just his opinion? People are so toxic these days

  • Sonu Sunil (1 hour ago)

    +Jeremiah Gaines u stupid

  • Kicksto (1 day ago)

    The beat put me in some type of mood that I can’t explain

  • Universal Gemini (25 minutes ago)

    On me. Fr.

  • Saulius J. (57 minutes ago)

    Kanye mood :D