21 Savage - a lot ft. J. Cole



  • venividivici1203 (Feb 3, 2019)

    My favorite UK rapper

  • hugedebt (3 hours ago)

    Listen to Avelino.

  • Despair Knight (5 hours ago)

    I agree. My second best uk rapper is scarlxrd. His music much different that 21savage's.

  • Saul Lamas (21 hours ago)

    21 savage: turn my headphones down a lil bit Me: *turns up headphones all the way*

  • Chris B (22 hours ago)

    How many days have you stayed in the USA illegally21 savage: a lot

  • BlqckHeart (4 hours ago)

    he not a x fan, kodak can have him

  • Jabien Dockery (6 hours ago)


  • AlxEm3 (3 days ago)

    Cole raps so freaking clearly geesh. 🔥

  • Jimmy White (3 hours ago)

    Wareagle Auburn ..... are you legally retarded? What has Cole done recently? How about middle child being the first single of THIS YEAR to go platinum. Don’t talk if you don’t know what you’re talking about lmao

  • John Doe (9 hours ago)

    Wareagle Auburn middle child??

  • TITAN_Dyrekt  (1 day ago)

    Editor: What kinda video do u like21 Savage: a lot

  • Rashaun. (Feb 1, 2019)

    Why no one talking about that dope ass third verse outta no where ?? that was amazing

  • Chuck Shadowens (17 hours ago)

    21 is lyrical as fuck....him, Cole, RTJ, and if you don’t know Jarv you should; Hip hop isn’t dead folks. There is hope. #FuckMummmmmmbleRap

  • Mark Trejo (1 day ago)


  • Zeloid (5 days ago)

    21 savage: "I get paid to rap on beat"Blueface has left the chat

  • Iva Mesarić (3 hours ago)

    I was literally finna comment the same thing

  • Kazukster (8 hours ago)

    +yeet the oh yeah yeah blueface doesn't rap on beat

  • Serum (4 days ago)

    How many times did savage say a lot?*A lot*

  • He said turn your headphones down that scared me I thought sixnine was going to pop out

  • Jose Quintero (2 days ago)

    J Cole: "Rappers dont like rapping with me" *Lil Uzi Vert Has Left The Chat*3:09