The Umbrella Academy The Biggest Differences Between The Netflix Show And The Comics

  • Published on:  2/24/2019
  • Did You Know About These Major Differences Between The Umbrella Academy Netflix Show And The Comic?
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    Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy,” adapted from the award-winning Dark Horse comic book series, is a story about seven emotionally troubled siblings with supernatural abilities. The comic books portrayed these characters as extraordinary beings who were adopted by an eccentric billionaire to save the planet from doom. In the comics, they fight aliens and the Eiffel Tower turns into a spaceship. But the show is a bit more grounded in reality. They still have a sophisticated, talking chimp and robot mother, but many of the other fantastical elements have been toned down a bit.

    Many of the deviations from the comics are positive and necessary. There is a great deal more character development and diversity in the Netflix show. But some of the more imaginative elements from the books have been removed. And while the character depth is more rich and complex, the powers of the members of the Umbrella Academy have been toned down a bit. In this video, we’ll address the biggest differences between the comics and the Netflix show, “The Umbrella Academy.”


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