BHAD BHABIE answers your poll questions | Danielle Bregoli

  • Published on:  11/10/2017
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  • Bhad Bhabie
    Bhad Bhabie  a years ago+2635

    Download the Wishbone app and vote!⏩ ⏪

  • BlastoiseBoy 1
    BlastoiseBoy 1 a years ago+2926

    I feel like she got "nicer" these past days. Great job

  • The unicorn lover
    The unicorn lover a years ago+934

    When she pulled out that potato 🥔 I thought she cut off rice gum’s head😂🐼🙃

  • JessStyleGaming
    JessStyleGaming 4 months ago+80

    Bhad bhabie: "if they say imma die on march 27th imma kill myself on march 26th"
    Me: "that's my birthday.. ;-;"

  • Jaylene Pacheco
    Jaylene Pacheco 11 months ago+243

    I love everything about Danielle she very pretty. she funny she speaks the truth. I love her laughter it makes me laugh and when she talk about being loved I would be the person right for her but she doesn't know I even exist. Danielle makes my heart feel warm when she talks but I know I won't have a chance because idk if she be interested in a regular person just like me.

  • allegra mack
    allegra mack 6 months ago+36

    "Feed the homeless to da puppies" sHe GoT mE wHeEzInG😂😂😂

  • Emma Morrow
    Emma Morrow a years ago+70

    "I ain't nothin like these potatoes" LOL! 😂

  • Ula Petruskeviciute
    Ula Petruskeviciute a years ago+40

    When youre jealous of the potato in the intro LMAO

  • Emma Morrow
    Emma Morrow a years ago+44

    🎵Pootato maaan I've got to be a potatoo man!🎵
    Do u Like My Version Of "Macho Man"? I'm Pretty Proud Of It! lol!

  • Glockyzz Z
    Glockyzz Z a years ago+30

    I love to watch her vids idc what anyone says.

  • skatedeviI
    skatedeviI a years ago+2097

    i love her that weird? LOL

  • Hi lol
    Hi lol 11 months ago+27

    Omg.....that tater..... beautiful😱

  • Maria Prieto
    Maria Prieto a years ago+24

    In the first poll, I would rather know when I’m going to die because then I can have so much fun the day before I die and then in my last day of being alive I’m gonna know that I died happy. Like if you agree!!

  • Isabela Ordonez
    Isabela Ordonez a years ago+121

    bhad bhabie and Cardi B collab? I think yes?

  • Mik Soumokil
    Mik Soumokil 7 months ago+18


  • ღAzmalie Stylxღ
    ღAzmalie Stylxღ a years ago+646

    Funny how I used to hate her because of the way she acted on Dr.Phil but now, I realised a lot of things since I've been watching her channel. Her sense of humour is completely different to anyone elses, she can be sweet, kind and caring in her own way and she's completely honest about the things she sees. Yeah her critism is harsh asf but she's just being her. And she's pretty strong for the fact that she gets a lot of emails telling her to go kill herself or being called a filthy hoe or slut. She realesed two of her own songs and both the directing and beats were on point. I don't care if you don't agree with my opinion, and I don't care if you think I'm some 9 year old posting this because I love Danielle for who she is. I'm appreciating and respecting the fact that no matter how much shit gets handed to her, how many times she gets told to grow up or act her age, she still does what she loves. I doubt many people would be able to do the same

  • Sequoyah Daniel
    Sequoyah Daniel a years ago+19

    Malu got her clout from Danielle

  • Alice In Wonderland
    Alice In Wonderland 4 months ago+5

    Her outfits are always on point!

  • Hazel Reed
    Hazel Reed 4 months ago+5

    3:04 i would rather choose youtube cause i could listen to more of your music
    btw 2019 anyone

  • Gelyana Oraha
    Gelyana Oraha 6 months ago+6

    You guys didn’t notice that those polls were by her